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VPN Unlimited Review

KeepSafe VPN Unlimited is a VPN service registered in New York. The service is continuously being updated and has the usual standard features for a reasonable price.

Overall Rating: 3.0 / 5.0
VPN Network:  400 servers in 80+ locations across the world
Country of Origin:  United States (New York)
Devices:  5-10
Founded Date:  2013
Refund Policy:  Refundable if not satisfied within seven days after registering.
Last Update: February 1, 2021

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited Overview

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is a VPN service which is registered in New York. It was founded in 2013 and has had a run of success with KeepSolid VPN Unlimited. In 2016, it won the PCMag Editor’s Choice for its exceptional speed, performance, and other advanced features.

This is a VPN service which has a progressive pricing scheme. It is affordable and provides adequate features for the price. It is full of standard features and can compete in the middle of the pack among other VPN services.

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Refundable within 7 days

VPN Unlimited Pros

Easy-to-use Interface

The VPN Unlimited interface is intuitive and easy to use. After logging in, the user is shown a map of the server locations and which VPN service is currently in use.

Using this map, the user can easily change location to any other server. The user does not need any instruction in the user interface.

KeepSolid Wise and Strong Encryption

VPN services all emphasize strong encryption, but not all deliver on the promise.

Keepsafe VPN Unlimited also uses plenty of available VPN protocols.

Also, it has the proprietary KeepSolid Wise which is a tunneling extension that helps keep the VPN invisible.

This is very useful for users in countries with strict VPN rules. Using KeepSolid Wise, the VPN traffic appears like regular internet traffic.

VPN Unlimited Cons

Country of Registration

VPN Unlimited is registered in the United States. This is not the best country to register a VPN service. The country is paranoid about internal security and terrorism and has shown that it will and does take measures to bypass personal privacy.

Also, the current implementing guidelines regarding internet use are not in the citizen’s favor.

Some Logging Policy

This is explicitly stated in the privacy policy. Some information is kept for the duration of the connection. There is also some information which might be stored for detailed troubleshooting, in case of any problems. VPN Unlimited is not clear what information that may be but it does imply that they keep some data related to the user, or at least to the user connection.

The vague disclosure may not mean anything, but unfortunately, since it is registered in the United States. The United States is part of the 5 Eyes alliance of countries that do electronic surveillance of the citizens of each of the member countries.

Even if there is no information about the source IP address, it is relatively easy to correlate activity length and login times with a particular user.

Nowadays, even a small footprint can be traceable. Even a small log entry can be a privacy issue.

Slow Connection

KeepSafe VPN Unlimited is noted for being a slow VPN service. It is below average when it comes to internet speeds while connected to the VPN. All VPN services encounter a speed degradation when connecting to a VPN server that is located in a far off country.

However, VPN Unlimited is slower than even the average VPN server. It is noticeably slower compared to other VPN services.

VPN Unlimited Features

Dedicated Servers for Torrenting and Streaming

KeepSafe VPN Unlimited has dedicated servers for bittorrent downloads and streaming media. Having dedicated servers for torrenting provides the user with improved and continuous bittorrent downloads. It also ensures that the traffic going through the VPN is not choked by other BitTorrent downloads.

Streaming use geolocation filtering to ensure that only those users within their service area can watch and enjoy their media. To do this, the streaming services blacklist IP addresses that are used to bypass this restriction, including those from VPN services.

With VPN Unlimited there are servers that are not blacklisted and these are used specifically for streaming media clients.

Proprietary Apps

VPN Unlimited clients are made specifically for the platforms they are supposed to run on. These platforms include Mac OS X, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone, Android and Linux. It also has extensions for Chrome and Firefox. Proprietary apps for each platform are optimized with localized code for faster app performance.

Optional Personal IP Address

Signing up for the optional personal IP address gives the user added security. The internet has a limited number of IP addresses, and this has resulted in multiple computers sharing the same IP address.

Signing up for a dedicated IP address, the user is provided with his unique IP address. The user no longer shares the same IP address with other users. When sharing IP addresses, and one user gets banned from a forum or some other website, all of those who share the same IP address will also be blocked.

When using a dedicated IP address, the user cannot be penalized for the actions of others.

VPN Unlimited Pricing & Plans

VPN Unlimited has four plans to choose from:

The plans are affordable. Although, there are some VPN services which offer more device connections without the additional cost. Or at least there is only one cost structure, with the corresponding increase in the number of devices.

1 Month – The monthly payment plan is $9.99 per month – This is payable monthly and can the user can stop using the service at any time. The user can connect up to 5 devices at the same time. For those who want to have 10 concurrent devices connected, the price is $14.99.

1 Year subscription – The monthly cost is $5.00 per month, and the plan is payable one year in advance, for a total cost of $59.99. This allows the user 5 devices connected at the same time. For 10 connected devices, the price is $7.50 per month, or $89.99 per year payable in advance.

3 Years – Considered their best value, is the 3-year plan, where the user pays an equivalent of $2.78 per month. The total cost is $99.99 payable in advance, and every 3 years upon renewal. The 3 Year Plan for 10 devices is worth $4.17 per month, for a total of $149.99 paid in advance, and every 3 years upon renewal.

Lifetime – VPN Unlimited has a lifetime membership worth $199.00 for 5 devices. This increases to $299.99 for the Lifetime plan with 10 devices. This plan is only cost-effective after the fifth year.

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Refundable within 7 days

VPN Unlimited Speed Test

In comparison, there is a significant speed degradation when using VPN Unlimited compared to accessing the internet without it. It could be as much as a 50% slowdown in internet speeds.

There are several reasons for this, and it is common for all VPN services. The data slows down due to possible congestion at the VPN server. There is also a speed degradation when connected to a VPN server located far away.

In some instances, if the location is halfway around the world, the signal may be very slow or even result in a timeout error.

VPN Unlimited Servers

Nowadays, one of the main selling points of a VPN service is the global reach. Users can sign up in their country and use the service when they go abroad.

One advantage of having servers across the globe is that the user would not have any speed degradation from connecting to a server located halfway across the world.

The farther away a VPN service is, the slower the actual internet speed.

Having a server in the same country makes the VPN service immediate and much faster than when connected to a VPN server across the border.

VPN Unlimited has more than 400 servers in more than 80 locations. For a VPN service, they have only a small number of servers. Additionally, there is the possibility that VPN Unlimited uses virtual servers.

Some users notice that their IP address is not where the VPN server is located. When using a VPN service, the client device would appear to be using the IP address of the VPN server. Additionally, since IP addresses are mapped to a particular country, it is easy to see if the VPN location is where it should be.

There are instances where the connection is supposed to be in Paris, and yet, the IP address shows Poland. This kind of mixup can be due to any of several causes. However, it can also be a side effect of some other problem.

Does VPN Unlimited Work With Netflix?

Yes, VPN Unlimited can work with Netflix. However, it requires some testing, to try to find a specific server that will work with it. If changing servers does not work, it is possible to seek assistance from technical support.

VPN Unlimited Privacy & Logs

According to VPN, they have zero logs. It states that it does not store or keep any logs of the online activities, browsing the history, connection times, downloads, server usage or data during the VPN session. The Privacy Policy also states that the IP address is not logged nor stored after the session ends. The Policy reiterates that the IP addresses are removed after every session.

However, the Privacy Policy also states that the user has to provide some information for VPN Unlimited to continue with their services. Personal data is hashed to be unidentifiable.

The individual pieces of information kept temporarily in the logs are useless on their own. The log information cannot be used or massaged to provide any individual information which can be traced back to the individual. Any personal information, including the email address used, usernames and IP address cannot be connected to any of the internet activities which are temporarily logged into eh VPN sessions.

To summarize the Privacy Policy, it is necessary to gather some information, however, steps have been taken to ensure that individual databases cannot be correlated with internet traffic and information which the servers automatically collect.

However, VPN Unlimited is under obligation to provide government agencies and private entities the information they request when a subpoena for this information is issued. There are a couple of other instances when it is necessary to share this information. It is up to the agencies or requesting parties to wade through the data and mine it for whatever purpose they require.

That is the extent that VPN Unlimited can provide privacy for their user.

KeepSolid Support

KeepSolid has a 24/7 LiveChat for support. It does not have email support nor does it have phone support. Users are divided about the quality of service. Suffice to say, it is uneven.

The response time to answer LiveChat is quick. However, the required answer may or may not solve the problem. There have also been instances when the support person did not return calls or solve the problem.

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Refundable within 7 days

KeepSolid Refund Policy

VPN Unlimited has a 7-day refund policy. If the user is not satisfied and does not want to continue the service within 7 days of signing up, the user will be refunded.

Is VPN Unlimited Recommended?

KeepSolid VPN Unlimited is not highly recommended. The price looks affordable, especially the lifetime single payment plan. However, considering the internet speed during actual use, there are other VPN services which are cheaper, faster and have more features.

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Refundable if not satisfied within seven days after registering.
400 servers in 80+ locations across the world
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