Protecting All Devices at Home with a VPN Router

Protect all your Devices Connected to your Network at Home with a VPN Router. Enhance your Security, Stability and Speed.

Have you ever thought or considered how to make your home internet security more protected? If not, maybe now is the right time to do it before it’s too late.

There are many security applications to choose from that can help protect and improve your home internet. Consider using a VPN. It has special features that can help protect all the devices linked to the Wi-Fi network in every home. It can also protect even those that have no capacity to run the VPN software.

Importance of Using a VPN Router

Using a VPN app on a router can protect all devices in your small office or home, which include Xbox, Apple TV, Chromecast, PlayStation, and other gadgets like smart light bulbs, smart locks, camera systems and intelligent toilets.

More so, the VPN can keep the network secure and safe against the security & privacy issues like IP or the DNS leaks.

The following are more detailed uses of a VPN router:

1. You can make use of your VPN on all of your devices

For you to maximize the perks of having a VPN to all devices at home, you need a router to ensure that everything is covered, particularly those which cannot be individually configured to get a wireless Virtual Private Network.

You need a VPN router to deliver VPN to consoles, like PS3/4, Xbox 360, WiiU, Wii, etc. A VPN router guarantees that each device is connected with the others and you could access your VPN no matter what device you’re using—be it your console, laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

2. Excellent network stability

The main perk of a Virtual Private Network is being able to access the stability and functionality of the network it offers in all settings.

3. Ease of use

There is no configuration needed for all devices. Once the devices are linked to your VPN router, they’ll be covered by your VPN service at all times. You don’t need to turn your VPN on or off.

You can have the peace of mind that you can browse anonymously as long as your VPN router stays. Home & small businesses can take advantage of a VPN router since it is really localized and manageable.

How Does VPN Routers Work?

VPN routers work by making use of some security protocol to isolate and safeguard the local network, enabling the same kind of protection and location data to be utilized in your home or business establishment.

The specific protocols which your Virtual Private Network works by depending on the routing firmware set. Usually, the most used VPN protocol is IPsec. However, those who are in a remote area tend to choose SSL gateways for better security.

The LT2P which is run via IPsec has lesser number of users, but there are still those who opt for it. On the other hand, firms who have their own routing use a layer 2 VPN. Those firms which outsource their routing tend to utilize a layer 3 VPN.

In the setup stage, A VPN router has to be flashed with Tomato firmware or DD-WRT to be installed.

Tomato vs DD-WRT

Tomato or DD-WRT are two of the most common open-source firmware solutions made to replace some wireless routers’ original firmware. People use different firmware, but Tomato is more preferable. DD-WRT is not bad with its multiple features, but Tomato got its edge with its great usability and interface.

Ready-to-Use VPN Routers with Integrated VPN Service

ExpressVPN for Router

For further convenience, it’s best to simply but a ready-to-use VPN router which has an integrated VPN service. There are also VPN router apps available that can help you go about it the easy way.

What to look for in a VPN Router App

User-friendly app – It should be a user-friendly app and should also be easy to use for other devices.

Best Protection and Security Features– It must tolerate DNS or IP leaks. It must not only provide quality protection, but it should also help improve connection speeds.

Exceptional Speeds – The VPN routers are faster than other routers. It runs on hardware devices that can deliver up to 30Mbps VPN speeds. Your chosen VPN provider must also stand out when you talk about the highest levels of video streaming quality.

Good customer support– Your chosen VPN router app must be ready to help clients around the clock.


These are some of the basic things you should consider in planning to grab a VPN provider for your router. We recommend using ExpressVPN for your VPN router needs.