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Trust.Zone Review


Trust.Zone Review


Trust.Zone is based in United States. It has just recently launched this April 2015. Although still fresh in the market, it has somehow succeeded in garnering the trust of their first few clients. They have around 33 servers in 19 strategic locations all over the globe. Their customer support has also got a good start.


Plans and Pricing:

They have 3 major plans. If you want a long- term annual subscription, you can only pay $3.99 per month. If you want a 6-month contract, you can spend $5.99 monthly. If you want to use the basic monthly service, price can be as high as $7.99. They do offer 5-day trial though, so there’s no need to subscribe for a month to test their efficacy.



With Trust Zone, your Internet Service Provider and your other visited websites will not track your online movements. They have other features that can get you captivated. Their servers are strategically studied worldwide, so speed can be nicely optimized wherever you are. You can also enjoy unlimited server switches, so you won’t be blocked by any restrictions when you explore other given servers as well.

There’s no logs kept and the privacy policy highlights their commitment to strong user anonymity. You can choose among the multiple protocols they offer including SSTP, OpenVPN, L2TP/ IPSec, and PPTP. This is also compatible to various devices and platforms—be it windows, android, or iOS.

You can also enjoy unlimited bandwidth and P2P access. You can get to download torrents, share files and other forms of data without any restriction. Your Bit Torrent traffic is protected to avoid any entity from seeing your downloading and sharing activities. You can watch global TV and access all the restricted sites all you want.


Number of devices allowed:

3 simultaneous connections can be made.


The Pros

  • Great Windows VPN software
  • Simplified pricing plan
  • Unlimited servers switches
  • Kill Switch feature
  • No logging
The Cons

  • No dedicated apps for iOS and mobile
  • No DNS Leak Protection



Trust.Zone gives way to a fast and safe VPN connection. You can give it a go by availing their free trial now. They have lots of things to offer despite being a budding service provider. Trust.Zone generally provides users a pleasurable subscription. It’s the one to rely on.


per month


Quality: 9.2/10
Pricing: 9.8/10
Support: 9.0/10
Feature: 8.6/10


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