Top 3 Browser Extensions for Privacy Protection

The 3 Best Browser Extensions to Increase Your Privacy Protection at a Higher Level. Privacy Extensions for Google Chrome & Mozilla Firefox.

When we talk about privacy, you can’t really say you’re ready enough. You won’t know when a crazy nerd hacker strikes to get the most out of your private info. You absolutely need privacy protection.

Here is a list of the top three browser extensions that can help in boosting your privacy and security. Lucky you, because they are all for free!

Top Ad Blocking Software

Ad blocking software, most commonly known as ad blockers, allow you to take better control over your browsing experience. With ad blockers, you can prevent those annoying pop-ups and widgets from using your data and sending them to advertisers.

People constantly talk about the ad blocker debate, which argues whether it is right to block ads or not. Regardless, we believe that you have every right to choose which ads to block and allow. Ad blockers give you the chance to do that.

uBlock Origin

There are tons of ad blockers everywhere. What makes uBlock Origin different? It takes up lesser memory as compared to any other ad blocking software, which means it would not cause delay to your browsing experience.

uBlock Origin App

Additionally, it has been found that uBlock Origin blocks more ads than other adblocking software. It also allows you to organize personalized lists, which gives you more control in blocking and allowing ads.

The picture below is an example of the average load time when using various ad blockers on Chrome.

uBlock Origin Scores

You can clearly see which ad blocker wins. It’s uBlock Origin!

Adblock Plus

And who would ever dare to forget about Adblock Plus, the one ad blocking software we used to love so much?

Adblock Plus has always been the crowd’s ultimate favorite ad blocker until uBlock Origin came on the surface. As compared to uBlock Origin, Adblock Plus can be the second best. But during its reign, Adblock Plus performed really great.

AdBlock Plus App

Unfortunately, recently, the Adblock Plus drew fire after letting some ads pass in return for money. It’s such a downer news, really.

By now, you should have already somehow realized how uBlock Origin deserves to win in this category.

Top Anti-Tracking Extensions

Anti-Tracking extensions prevent your browsing activities from being tracked and thus protect your privacy and online anonymity.

Cookies, the small pieces of data stored in your web browser, are usually used against you, tracking and recording the sites where you go and the activities you do while surfing. Many advertisers use this sweet crime for their benefits. Some even do this without any consent. Quite evil, aren’t they?

Anti-tracking extensions are different from ad blockers. The latter blocks ads, while anti-tracking extensions block cookies while protecting you from malvertising and tracking. Anti-tracking extensions keep yourself out of the sight of third party advertisers.

If only you can find the most reliable anti-tracking extension, you can hide your browsing activities away from ridiculous advertisers by killing off their tracking cookies right in their very tracks.

Privacy Badger

If you think this is a little bias, you’re wrong. The Electronic Frontier Foundation’s Privacy Badger tops the best anti-tracking software because it really is the best.

Privacy Badger watches over suspicious third-party advertisers that are constantly tracking you and your browsing activities on different websites. It also protects you by blocking out their tracking cookies. This little badger buddy is a good software to keep in the pocket while surfing the internet.


Just like Privacy Badger, this anti-tracking extension protects your privacy by trying to block third-party trackers.

Disconnect App

Privacy Badger and Disconnect have a few similarities, but the former has a clever feature called the Heuristic Algorithm, which makes it deserving for the top 1 place.

This algorithm allows Privacy Badger to learn what and when to block trackers. This really makes it even better, more effective, and more powerful than Disconnect.

Top Site Securing Extensions

After shielding yourself with ad blocking software and anti-tracking extensions for privacy protection, go full armed with a site securing an extension.

HTTPS protocol is the most common protocol used by the most secure websites on the internet. HTTPS secured websites encrypt your personal data such as your personal information, credit card details, and other sensitive information.

However, not all websites are HTTPS secured. So, it would absolutely be better to do things on your own and protect your privacy with site securing extensions.

HTTPS Everywhere

Whether or not the websites you’re browsing are safe, don’t just sit there and wait for some things to happen. Start using HTTPS Everywhere!

HTTPS Everywhere

HTTPS Everywhere was made possible by the EFF and The Tor Project. This extension tries to direct you to safe HTTPS secured sites by automatically rewriting requests. If your browser recklessly takes you to suspicious, unsecured websites, HTTPS Everywhere will solve the problem for you. It will redirect you to HTTPS encrypted sites, keeping your data safe from leaking.

HTTPS Everywhere App

Web of Trust (Update 2017/01) No more recommended!

Web of Trust

Web of Trust lets you know which websites are trustworthy and which are not. If a website is safe, it displays a green “go” light. If a website is detected to be suspicious, the extension will display a red “stop” light. This “go” and “stop” feature of Web of Trust is a form of warning for your protection.

Web of Trust App

HTTPS Everywhere, not Web of Trust, reins the number 1 spot, because it goes an extra mile of effort in redirecting you to safe and secure websites, keeping your browsing experience much safer each time.

However, even if all these extensions add a layer of security for your privacy, we still highly recommend the usage of private internet access to secure your entire internet connection.