Protecting All Devices at Home with a VPN Router

Have you ever thought or considered how to make your home internet security more protected? If not, maybe now is the right time to do it before it’s too late. There are many security applications to choose from that can help protect and improve your home internet. Consider using a VPN. It has special features […]

10 Reasons to Hide Your IP

Each mobile/computer device is designated as a numerical label known as the IP address or Internet Protocol address. As you access any website online, the web host could see where your location is and can trace your activities while you’re on the site—even after you’ve left the page to browse somewhere else. Hiding your IP […]

Top 3 Browser Extensions for Privacy Protection

When we talk about privacy, you can’t really say you’re ready enough. You won’t know when a crazy nerd hacker strikes to get the most out of your private info. You absolutely need privacy protection. Here is a list of the top three browser extensions that can help in boosting your privacy and security. Lucky […]

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