PureVPN Takes a Step Towards Quantum-Proofing Their Service

Learn all about PureVPN’s newest feature that uses quantum computing capabilities to protect users’ data from hackers.

Today, quantum computers are still in the prototype phase. But some VPN companies are already preparing for the cybersecurity challenges these devices are going to create once they become more accessible and widespread. PureVPN is one of the companies at the forefront of creating a quantum-secure future with their newest feature: quantum-resistant encryption keys.

Cybersecurity Challenges of the Quantum Computing World

One of the key parameters people look at when selecting a VPN service is security. In today’s world, a huge portion of our lives happens on the internet, including personal and business communication, education, bill payment, online banking, investments, tax filing, etc. As people become more aware of potential cyber threats, they want to make sure their data is protected as best as possible. In the past, this could be achieved by using programs that implemented robust encryption protocols, such as DSA, RSA, ECDSA, and Diffie-Hellman key agreement protocol.

However, as quantum computers evolve from a science fiction fantasy to a new technological reality, many of these protocols will quickly become outdated. For instance, nearly 90% of cybersecurity experts believe that encryption protocols and methods used today will already be obsolete in 2026. In fact, over 60% of experts believe that current “industry standard” encryption protocols will be easily compromised by quantum computers.

This new reality requires all companies and organizations, including VPN providers, to adapt and develop new features and technologies that can protect their customers’ data. Even though existing quantum computers are only prototypes that don’t yet pose a real threat to the users’ data, hackers can still collect encrypted data now, and then decode it once quantum technology advances.

PureVPN Adds Quantum-Resistant Encryption Keys to Its Services

PureVPN takes the threats posed by quantum encryption seriously, and makes it their mission to keep customers’ data private. This is why the company partnered with Quantinuum, the world’s leading integrated quantum computing company, to add quantum-resistant encryption keys to its VPN service. Quantum Origin, which is Quantinuum’s cyber platform, allows PureVPN to utilize keys created using a verifiable quantum process. These encryption keys provide a much higher level of security than traditional keys created using regular unverified methods. And, as the name suggests, they can even protect data from being decrypted by a quantum computer.

Who will be able to use this feature?

As of now, quantum-resistant encryption keys are available to iOS, Windows, and Mac users who choose Canada, Germany, the United States, the United Kingdom, or the Netherlands in the VPN app. The feature was released together with obfuscation and split tunneling capabilities. Together, these updates will make your data even more secure for remote work, online banking, cryptocurrency transactions, and other Internet activity.

PureVPN Plans to Take More Steps Towards Future-Proofing Their Service

The introduction of quantum-resistant encryption keys is just the first step in PureVPN’s plan to protect its customers’ privacy against quantum threats. For instance, the company is currently in the process of getting NIST approval for transitioning to quantum-resistant algorithms.

Final Thoughts

PureVPN has become the first VPN service provider to start quantum-proofing its services. The company’s quantum-resistant encryption keys ensure that the users’ data will remain uncompromised no matter what technologies are used to attempt to breach it.

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