PureVPN Releases Q1, 2019 Updates

PureVPN has released Q1, 2019 updates for the browser, Android app, and Windows app. The revisions are meant to improve the user experience.

PureVPN recently released their Q1, 2019 update which included several improvements suggested by users. The VPN service has an ideas forum where users can have an exchange of ideas, Q & A, and general discussion.

From the comments on the forum, PureVPN chose several suggestions that were deemed necessary by the users. A PureVPN review shows the quality of service to expect.

How Does a VPN Work

PureVPN has released their updates for Q1 2019

A VPN service affords users several advantages, including security, encryption, and geo-shifting. This is especially helpful when accessing geographical locks around streaming websites. For those accessing the internet on public WiFi, a VPN service adds an extra layer of encryption that can prevent others from tapping into your internet.

The VPN works like a bridge between the client device like a smartphone, tablet, or laptop, and the internet. The internet traffic goes through the VPN software, which encrypts the data, before sending it out to a VPN server. The data is decrypted on the VPN server before it is sent out to access information on the internet. This method results in all traffic being tagged as coming from a different IP address, that of the VPN server.

A commercial VPN service like PureVPN has servers across the globe, and the user can choose which server or country to use as its VPN server. This is useful when accessing a streaming service from countries that do not offer this service, or in accessing a specific streaming service. It also allows for a certain level of anonymity on the web.

The user’s IP address is hidden from the internet, and instead, a dynamic IP address from the VPN server would be shown. This effectively hides the location of the user. The biggest advantage is the encryption of data leaving the client device. Even if it could leak out through the free public WiFi, it could not be readily decrypted because of the lack of the encryption keys.

There are several other factors to consider when using a VPN service. While it is relatively easy to create a private VPN service using a server at home, this defeats the purpose of geo-masking. The only benefit from a home or office VPN service is the secure connection to the VPN network. The ability to jump from one geolocation to another is also not available in a private VPN. A side-by-side comparison would show the best VPN on the market.

The new updates to PureVPN are meant to make it easier and faster to access the VPN servers. These small touches replace tedious but otherwise useful features which are relatively slow in comparison.

Newest PureVPN Updates

The updated features included:

1. Browser Extensions (Internet browsers and Android app)

Chrome and Firefox extensions can access UK streaming services. These include Channel 4, Netflix UK, BBC iPlayer UK, and ITV Player UK. There are around 30 streaming channels now more easily accessible through popular web browsers.

These streaming services are also now available on the Android TV app.

Channel 4

2. Secure WiFi simplified (Android app)

The procedure to switch on PureVPN for Android, over unsecured WiFi or through data networks has been simplified. The new screen to switch on the VPN service no longer lists the internet access, instead, it has been simplified to either ask the user for a default action when connecting to a new WiFi or through cellular networks.

Before tje secure Wifi flow feature
After the secure Wifi flow feature

3. IP Address on Display (Windows and Android app)

The IP address was removed in a prior update. Users were no longer able to see their IP address on the Android app. However, there was sizable user feedback requesting the return of this feature.

It is useful for users to verify their connection. At the same time, there are instances when the IP address is needed by some remote- and FTP-type apps.

Before (Android):
Before to add the IP address on connected screen
After (Android):
After IP address displayed on connected screen
Before (Windows):
Before IP address displayed on connected screen (Windows)
After (Windows):
After IP address displayed on connected screen (Windows)

4. Login screen update (Android app)

The Android app’s login screen was revised to be easier to use. The current login screen has a default user and dropdown, resulting in faster login.

Old login screen for Android
After (Android):
New login screen for Android

5. Dedicated IP Mode (Windows app)

It is now easier to switch to the dedicated IP mode. The Dedicated IP screen now has a dropdown menu which shows the user’s hostname, instead of an edit box where the user enters the hostname. This simplifies the switch and makes it faster to access the Dedicated IP mode.

Old dedicated IP interface
After (Android):
New dedicated IP interface
And now remembers the dedicated IP hostnames:
Now remembers hostnames

6. Favorite Connection (Windows app)

After connecting to the VPN, the user can tag the server as a favorite. Once tagged, PureVPN remembers it and allows the user to choose which server to use the next time the VPN service is started.

Old favorite system
After (Android):
New favorite system

7. A PureVPN Gift

PureVPN added a “Gift” to the Member’s area which the user can share with friends and loved ones.

Make PureVPN membership gift to your friends