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NordVPN Review


NordVPN Review


Over the past decade, NordVPN has proven to be one of the top services in the industry. The Panama based NordVPN operates more than 5118 servers in 62 countries and includes some servers that are specially optimized for speed. The company takes its clients’ privacy very seriously, and because they are not based in Canada or the US, the government cannot subpoena logs or records of user activity.

NordVPN’s service wraps a host of features into a well designed and easy to operate client which includes a nifty ad-blocking feature. So, you can say goodbye to all those irritating ads that are bogging down your speed. Plus switching from one virtual location to the other takes just one click.


Plans and Pricing:

NordVPN offers three tiers of pricing. The first is perhaps the most expensive starting at $11.95 a month, which is good if you want to try out the service. The other is an annual subscription for $69 which works out to $5.75 a month and finally the lowest priced $79 for 24 months which works out to $3.99 a month, about the price of the average expresso!

Perhaps another great NordVPN feature and one that we love is that apart from paying for your subscription using traditional forms of payment, i.e., PayPal, credit and debit cards you can also pay using bitcoin. Plus, you’re entitled to a 30-day money back guarantee.



NordVPN offers people several ways to establish a VPN connection using various protocols. Though I’d personally always use the OpenVPN protocol since it is open source and has been thoroughly picked apart for problems. Also, since I always want to consider the fastest option, OpenVPN helps me in that department too as well as quickly reestablishing a broken connection.

The other protocol choices on offer are IKEv2/IPSec, the slightly older L2TP, and PPTP protocols both of which I wouldn’t recommend anyone using. Though if you’re an iPhone user, then you’re pretty much stuck with these legacy protocols as OpenVPN isn’t supported just yet.

Double VPN

NordVPN’s standout feature is called “Double VPN,” the feature works by rerouting your traffic through a second VPN server. So, each time you use this feature, you’re logging into NordVPN’s server, and then all your traffic is routed through another of their servers before hitting the live internet. What that means is that your data is encrypted twice instead of once. The only drawback is around a 3% to 5% reduction in speed which does not matter if you’re already using a high-speed broadband connection.


Nord introduced this feature around a year back, and it works to block ads while filtering out malicious websites. I find this feature to be one of the best second to perhaps their VPN service in itself. Also, the blocking is pretty good since it screens websites from a public database of blacklisted URLs.

Proxy Chrome extension

NordVPN added a somewhat useful chrome extension a year back which routes all the browser’s traffic through an encrypted proxy server. Though it is not a VPN it still an easy way to bypass geo-blocking setup by websites like BBC, making it easy to watch shows like Poldark.

Kill Switch

This feature is optional, but when you turn it on as I always do, it will terminate your internet connection as soon as a VPN you’re connected goes down for whatever reason. The feature now has a global version thanks to a recent update which will cease all internet services at the same time.

An Excellent Performer

It is not exactly a feature, but I consider it to be one since that’s why I have chosen to use the service. My tests have shown that it performs remarkably with excellent download speeds. Generally speaking, all VPNs will bog down your internet service slightly but NordVPN is amongst the fastest. The worst I’ve experienced is a mere 10% lowering of my average speed.


Number of devices allowed:

They allow 6 simultaneous connections.


The Pros

  • Blazing fast performance
  • An abundance of servers
  • Makes streaming Netflix and Hulu very easy
  • Very easy to use app
  • Is available for Android, iOS, Windows and Mac
  • Double encryption is a major feature
  • Torrent & P2P accepted without restriction
  • Free ad blocking and malicious website blocking
  • An array of payment options including Bitcoin
  • Very strong customer privacy policy

The Cons

  • No port forwarding feature


Most people would rather risk having no protection instead of having to deal with frustratingly complicated software. Unfortunately, many VPN services haven’t simplified how their software works. In on a world of complicated software, NordVPN makes things fun and simple. The cartoonish interface is a refreshing take on an otherwise boring VPN software. Plus, almost everything you’ll need is a single click away. In my opinion and those of my friends and family, it delivers the best bang for your bottom dollar!


per month


Quality: 9.7/10
Pricing: 9.6/10
Support: 9.6/10
Feature: 10/10


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