NordVPN Launches Meshnet

NordVPN has released Meshnet, a new feature that allows users to connect several devices directly to each other via private encrypted connections.

NordVPN, one of the leading VPN services on the market today, has recently released a brand-new feature called Meshnet. In this article, we will explain what Meshnet is and how it can make your internet browsing experience even better.

What is Meshnet?

Meshnet is a new NordVPN feature that allows users to connect one device to another using a secure direct connection. When you use a VPN, your device is first connected to a remote server, which then helps transfer information between your computer and other servers and devices. But with Meshnet, you can connect to other devices owned by you or others directly. This allows you to create your own virtual private network of devices. When you run internet traffic through another device, you will have the IP address of that device.

How Can You Use Meshnet?

Meshnet presents several exciting and useful opportunities for NordVPN customers. The two key characteristics of this feature are that it allows users to create local area networks (LANs) with other devices and that it lets you browse the internet using another device’s IP.

Here are some of the most practical uses of Meshnet:

Access files remotely

Meshnet allows you to connect different devices by creating a local network with an encrypted connection. Thus, you can easily use this feature to access files on other devices that are part of this network. This is perfect if you need to gain access to files on your home computer from your phone or laptop.

Create an encrypted network of devices

You can also use Meshnet to create a secure peer network for collaboration on work projects. This is particularly useful for teams working remotely from home who still need the security that they usually get from their workplace Internet network.

Enjoy gaming with friends

Meshnet can also make gaming a lot more fun, as many games allow users connected through a LAN to play together more easily. Thus, if your friends also use NordVPN, you can game together at any time no matter how far apart you are.

Use the IP address of another device

When you use a regular VPN, your traffic is routed through a server that’s also being used by thousands of other people. Thus, all devices connected to that server have the same IP address. But the Meshnet feature allows you to use the IP address of another private device, which has numerous privacy-related uses.

Important Information About Meshnet

There are a few things you need to know about Meshnet before starting to use this NordVPN feature:

  • Meshnet allows you to easily connect to other devices owned by you, your family, friends, or coworkers. However, NordVPN doesn’t have any control over the security of those devices, so you should keep that in mind when using the service.
  • If you want to add another device to your Meshnet, the owner of that device will need to consent to this. Please note that the other person also has to be a NordVPN user. The user of the other device can also withdraw their consent at any time, and you won’t be able to connect to that device in the future unless they allow you.
  • At the moment, users with Android, Windows, iOS, Linux, and macOS devices can use Meshnet, but only Linux and Windows devices can be used for routing traffic. This list will likely expand in the future.
  • Each Meshnet can have up to 10 devices owned by one user. Plus, one device can be paired up with up to 50 devices that belong to others.

How Do I Use Meshnet?

To try out this feature, start by opening the NordVPN app on your computer or smartphone and turning on Meshnet. Next, send invitations to NordVPN users who own the devices you would like to connect to. Alternatively, switch on Meshnet on other devices owned by you. Finally, connect to those devices by choosing their IP address or their user’s name on the connection screen.

Final Thoughts

Meshnet is an innovative feature from NordVPN which allows users to securely connect devices directly to one another. This makes it easy to access files remotely, collaborate on projects, play games with friends, and more. This creative tool helps position NordVPN as one of the best choices for VPN users in Canada. If you’re in the market for a reliable and affordable VPN, check out reviews of the best Canadian VPN services.

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