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Great news for VPN enthusiasts out there! Finally, a revolutionary innovation is coming your way. This is no less than the VPN Database search engine.

VPN Database is a fresh VPN search engine concept. It’s undeniable that people usually find a hard time picking which among the vast pool of VPN options to pick. Some even have to shift from one VPN provider to the next just to experience the features of each and just to decide which VPN partner to keep for long-term use. Users tend to apply for free trial accounts or 1st month subscription just to get started with their search for the most reliable VPN buddy.

Guess what? That very problem will be no more! VPN Database is designed to make people’s lives easier in such a way that they now have an exclusive VPN search engine within their reach. Launched in 2015, VPN Database now covers over 63 VPN providers across the web. The number is constantly growing and we can only expect that it can cover all VPN providers in the world soon.

What makes VPN Database really powerful are its following features:

A Powerful Filtering System

Unlike normal generic search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo, this website specifically caters your VPN needs. You won’t just have to type keywords and check which among the search results are relevant. The filtering system itself will determine the exact type of VPN provider you’re looking for.

  • Search Filters
Search Filters

As you can see on the image above, you can already filter the kind of VPN feature you have in mind. Here’s the full list of what you can see on this “Search Filters” drop-down:

  • Free trial
  • Zero Logs
  • Torrent Allowed
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Server Switches
  • 256-Bit Data Encryption
  • DNS Leak protection
  • KillSwitch Feature
  • Portforwarding
  • Anonymous Payments
  • 24/7 Customer Support
  • DD_WRT Router
  • Mobile Apps
  • Dedicated IP (Extra $$$)

Now, you no longer have to try out each VPN provider you come across just to see whether they have your preferred feature or not. VPN Database will do all that for you. Whether you want to focus on support, speed, anonymity, or security features, your search for the right VPN provider is now a done deal.

  • Concurrent Connections
Concurrent Connections

If you want a VPN provider that enables multiple simultaneous connections, you can set the number of concurrent connections you’re looking for. You can set up to 20 simultaneous connections here.

  • Maximum Annual Price
Max Annual Price

If you’re particular with the budget you’re willing to shell out, you can set the maximum price you can afford for an annual subscription. You can set from $0-$210. You can also switch to monthly setup if you want. Just click the “Switch to Monthly” button.  This is really handy to pick the right VPN provider at your price.

  • Free Packages Option
Free Packages

If you’re looking for an entirely free VPN service, you can check the box under Free Packages Only (Limited Search). However, as stated, you might have limited results for this only.

These are what the filtering system of VPN Database encompasses. Once you have set everything according to your needs and preferences, you can hit the “Search” button and enjoy the total ease this VPN search engine provides.

Listing of FREE or PAID VPN providers

As implied above, VPN database does not only cover paid VPN providers, it also offers search results of those VPN services that remain FREE of charge. This is perfect for those who aren’t willing to invest a penny on a VPN provider. However, most free VPN deals have limited features. If you want specific features present, you may have to pick the paid ones.

Rating score

The search results that will appear on the SERP of VPN database have the preview of the review score each VPN company has received. If you have experienced the service/s of any of them, you are also free to rate some. This is a very transparent rating system which helps you decide firsthand which VPN companies can be trusted and which lag behind in terms of rating.

$ and € pricing option

Likewise, you can also easily see the prices each search result has. You don’t have to get redirected to the actual website as the packages are already laid out on the same page. There’s also a $ and € pricing option, making everything a total breeze for users.

Mobile Compatible

For those who are always on the go, you can freely access VPN Database with ultimate convenience. The site is designed to be responsive and viewable on all screen sizes and devices. Whether you’re facing your desktop or your smartphone, VPN Database will be a click away.

In this fast-paced world, internet users can no longer afford to waste time extensively searching for a product or service they need. Specialized and exclusive search engines like Vpndatabase.com are surely a big help to those who want a fast and reliable data reception. We can only expect that this trend could widen, not only in the VPN world but hopefully across all industries as well.

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