How to Install ExpressVPN on Kodi

For those of you who prefer watching movies and TV shows with Kodi, you will have to learn how to install ExpressVPN on Kodi to enhance your overall viewing experience.

What is Kodi?

Kodi is a free and open-source home media center application that allows you to watch movies, TV shows, play games, organize images, and stream live music. Compared to other paid platforms like Chromecast or Apple TV, Kodi is free.

This makes Kodi highly customizable. You can modify almost every aspect of its interface, including some themes and or backgrounds, to create your very own personalized Kodi viewing pleasure.

The active community of developers and users at Kodi ensures that the home media is the number one choice of many viewers worldwide. You can bring your Kodi viewing experience to the next level with the aid of a VPN to watch Kodi fast, securely, and privately.

VPN services compatible with Kodi

An ideal VPN for Kodi will ensure a more secure, speedy, and private browsing experience, and it will guarantee a minor impact on the speed and any work made on any computing devices. We have here collected all of the best VPN services compatible with Kodi.

We have scoured the web for the best VPN to use with Kodi that are guaranteed to safeguard your security and privacy without, however, slowing down your speed or running your streaming experience. We will evaluate which VPN has apps that can run on various devices so you can rest assure that you will find a perfect fit for your device.

The VPN services here will help you enjoy your Kodi viewing experience with the knowledge that your ISP or unscrupulous hackers will spy on your online activity.

Most importantly, we have not added VPN services that keep logs of user activities or those that do not offer complete transparency with their security and privacy protection to prevent your true IP address from leaking elsewhere. Here is a quick summary of our best picks so far.


They provide value for money and offers quick streaming services. You can rest assured that your connection is secure and very private. The Linux users will have to configure it manually, though.


ExpressVPN is our best and leading choice for Kodi users. ExpressVPN for Kodi are unparalleled when it comes to unblocking leading streaming content. Their privacy and security are second to none.

They offer very extensive support to get Kodi ExpressVPN working on almost all kinds of viewing devices.

Ipvanish logo

This is best for those who are looking for a fast and super lightweight VPN solution with Kodi. It is very easy to set up on Kodi and offers a seven-day money-back guarantee.

Private Internet Access

They guarantee very solid privacy and security to users, and they are compatible with Linux and Android devices.

privatevpn logo

Using Kodi with PrivateVPN is ultra-fast, private, and very secure. The PrivateVPN is a rookie provider with a huge list of servers.

CyberGhost VPN

This is the most budget-friendly of all VPN services. They help unblock the most popular geo-restricting streaming content. You will have to configure it manually.

There are so many VPN service providers out there, but we have just narrowed it down to this list as we believe that these VPNs for Kodi are the most ideal for avid Kodi users.

If you are unsure which ones to opt for with your Kodi, this guide can help you make an informed buying decision later on and help you on how to set up your very own Kodi VPN.

There are so many Virtual Private Network or VPN service providers out there. Some offer amazing features and unbeatable prices. Let us select the best VPN for Kodi by following these criteria:

  • Speed
  • Uptime and dependability
  • Security and privacy
  • Logging policy
  • Ease of use
  • Straightforward setup and configuration

How do I install ExpressVPN

Kodi is a home multimedia center that is previously known for its old brand ‘XBMC.’ It may be customized with a wide range of tools, programs, and content resources that are sure to help customize your entertainment and viewing experience. It can work on any computing device, Android, Raspberry Pis, and has a very easy to use interface that works well with any gamepad or remote control.

What entices users to Kodi are the add ons that power Kodi’s capabilities. Mostly, these are video add-ons that enable users to stream videos from a wide array of repositories online. This can include popular streaming services like Netflix or BBC iPlayer and others that offer pirated content. User hides their activity by using a VPN, especially when viewing unofficial streaming videos. This is the main reason why users want to use VPN with Kodi.

VPN connection encrypts all of your internet traffic from your Kodi device and passes it through a subsidiary server at a location you prefer. This helps unblock geo-restrictive content such as Netflix from outside allowed countries.

On computers or mobile phones, the best way to use a ExpressVPN for Kodi is to install a VPN service provider’s app. You will just need to close Kodi and install it on your computer’s operating system.

A Quick Way To Install VPN for Kodi:

  • Download and install a VPN app on your preferred device. You can get a download from the Apple Google Play app store online.
  • Open and run the app and then log in to the VPN account credentials provided for by your VPN service.
  • Look for a preferred location and click on connect.
  • The moment a connection is in place, open, and run your Kodi and use it as often as you would. Now, all of your traffic will be tunneled and encrypted by your VPN service.

Using Kodi ExpressVPN

Kodi is a 100% legal and free open source software you can use. You have the right to download and install Kodi from its official website and use any of its approved add-ons.

It is not against the law to purchase or sell devices with Kodi pre-installed add ons, provided they do not have any add ons that stream from illegal sources online. You can find a lot of Kodi packages sold online from reputable sellers like WeTek.

Users only run into possible legal issues when they extend Kodi’s range of streaming resources using illegal third-party add ons or where they purchase a Kodi box from third-party resellers that come with these illegal add ons installed. These sources can include torrents, websites hosting content without the copyright owner’s permission, and pirated IPTV online streams. This guide will help you how to install ExpressVPN for Kodi.

ExpressVPN is regarded as the fastest VPN connection around. Does it work with your Kodi? The answer is yes. It offers users the fastest streaming and gaming experience, especially when streaming TV shows and movies on Kodi. ExpressVPN has over 3,000 servers spread all over 94 countries.

Kodi ExpressVPN will never lag or buffer ever again, and you will be 100% secure when streaming whatever content you want from the streaming content providers online. Let us begin with this Kodi ExpressVPN guide.

Users can get ExpressVPN for Kodi either by working with a dedicated app in the background as you use Kodi, or you may download it from an OpenVPN manager add-on in Kodi. These strategies are outlined here below, and these will only take five minutes to follow.

Install ExpressVPN for Kodi With A Dedicated App

  • Subscribe to ExpressVPN service.
  • Create your username and password
  • Download and install the VPN client on your device
  • Add your login details
  • Choose any server location
  • Make sure you keep your ExpressVPN working in the background and run open Kodi
  • At this juncture, open the streaming channel or add-on you wish to add
  • After you have installed ExpressVPN, sit back, relax, and enjoy your high-quality video streams.

Install ExpressVPN for Kodi With OpenVPN Manager Addon

You can also install Kodi with the aid of an OpenVPN manager Haddon that can be installed easily.

  • Download the OpenVPN Manager add-on and install in your system
  • Open Kodi
  • Click on the Add-on and select the box icon on the left-hand side
  • Choose Install from the zip file
  • Look for the destination folder where you downloaded the zip file and click on it
  • Choose install from repository from the list
  • Choose install from repository > Zomboided Add-on Repository > Services > VPN Manager for OpenVPN > Install
  • Click open Program Add-ons from the main Kodi screen and click Settings

This will configure and set up your ExpressVPN through the VPN Manager app, Haddon. You can now begin streaming any blocked services as long as you stay connected to ExpressVPN service. 

Kodi and ExpressVPN go hand in hand together. With your ExpressVPN installed to the Kodi app, you are all ready to explore and enjoy unlimited free streaming online. Here are some steps on how you can start using your VPN with Kodi:

  1. Open your VPN settings box from the VPN Manager, click Settings
  2. Key in your VPN’s username and password
  3. Choose the VPN connections tab found on the left and choose First VPN Connection
  4. Your login will be approved and authenticated by the client
  5. Click on the server of your choice once the server dialog box clicks open

You are now connected and logged in to your ExpressVPN client on your Kodi app. And now you are good to go!


Kodi and ExpressVPN are perfect partners. They go well together to afford users the best viewing and streaming experience ever. The value one can obtain from Kodi is often hampered by the geo-blocking restrictions that prevent many platforms from accessing your location. This greatly dampens your entertainment mood, but thanks to Kodi and ExpressVPN, you can circumvent past these restrictions.

Undeniably, ExpressVPN offers amazing features and can very well go past restrictive walls and ensure all blocked content to the screen of your choice when using Kodi. With over three thousand servers, you can mask your actual location in a matter of few mouse clicks and obtain easy access to a broad spectrum of add-ons available on your Kodi.

ExpressVPN works perfectly when it comes to streaming on Kodi. ExpressVPN offers security and speeds that enable users to stream content without logging or buffering problems. It is 100% easy to install, and since you can either run it on your background while streaming, or you can use it with an OpenVPN manager. It is all up to you to choose what’s best.

ExpressVPN is highly recommended as it offers the most robust encryption and the fastest speeds. This guide is tailor-made to answer your most pressing questions on how to install ExpressVPN on Kodi.