Best 5 Free VPN Services

Hide your IP without any fees with our selection of the best free VPN services of 2021 ! Free VS Paid VPN... All you need to know!


This is very important that you understand that a free VPN is not an easy replacement for the paid VPN… If you can opt to.. do not hesitate and go ahead with a paid VPN subscription. Free VPN is an alternative for people that don’t really care about their privacy and just need a quick way to change their IP address.

Most of the free VPN providers resell your data to be able to continue to offering you their free VPN services. With a paying VPN account, you will have much more like greater speed, better anonymity, unlimited data bandwidth and zero logs policy.

So, now that you understand this… take a look at our listing of best VPN providers that offering a free VPN solution.

The Best Free VPN Service 2021

Whether you’re accessing the internet in a strictly monitored environment or not, keeping your communications secure and encrypted away from prying eyes is important.

Any data transmitted online is likely vulnerable to eavesdropping by strangers, especially if you’re connected to a public Wi-Fi network. Virtual Private Network (VPN) can help you protect your browsing activities online, preventing unauthorized access to data, as well as preventing identity theft.

The encryption and anonymity that VPN provides secure all of your browsing activities online, from paying bills to shopping online, downloading data, and sending emails. VPN can protect your passwords, banking data, and other sensitive information from eavesdroppers at any open or public internet hotspots.

With VPN, you can also get around with certain websites and access blocked and censored content from your location.  If you’re worried about a certain website tracking your information, such as recording your IP address or if you are restricted from accessing websites because of your location, VPN is a good way to get around with these problems.

When total privacy is needed, VPN is always the ideal solution. Here’s the list of the best free VPN service available at your disposal to keep your internet browsing activities secured and anonymous.

CyberGhost VPN

CyberGhost Free VPN

CyberGhost VPN is the best free VPN to keep your connection secure and your browsing activities private. The company doesn’t track your activity and releases a transparency report as proof of their claims. If you want your traffic protected and private, this is our top choice from our VPN reviews.

With CyberGhost VPN, you also have the option to restrict the amount of data you’re passing on to certain websites you visit, disable tracking cookies, malicious websites, and more.

CyberGhost VPN has a simple and easy-to-navigate interface. It’s absolutely user-friendly. It allows you to select the location of your new IP address and displays certain details of your connection. However, CyberGhost VPN’s free VPN service is still limited to users within Europe and has no location option for Canada and other servers located in Asia.

You can download CyberGhost VPN here!



TunnelBear is probably one of the easiest VPN to use for Mac, Windows, and mobile devices. It has a very simple interface and has a minimalist design for easier navigation, securing your traffic in just a few easy steps.  Like CyberGhost, Tunnelbear provides high-end encryption to your browsing activities.

TunnerBear has a large network of tunnels worldwide, offering good VPN speeds while routing your data everywhere from Hong Kong to Norway. However, location options for Australia and India are restricted in the free edition.

Though TunnelBear has a number of worldwide network tunnels to connect to, they only offer 500MB of data for free versions per month. You can use it, but you have to watch your data limit. Use it occasionally like banking, shopping, and accessing important yet restricted websites.

You can download TunnelBear here!



Unlike TunnelBear, VPNBook provides a secure connection with no bandwidth limit. However, it has advanced configurations, but if you’re a confident computer user, this won’t be an issue to you. It does not require large software to install. Just configure your gadget’s settings with the appropriate information and you’re good to go.

Configuring VPNBook is not hard. You can either choose with PPTP (Point-to-Point-Tunneling) or OpenVPN to encrypt your traffic and route it to one of the six servers, 3 servers in Europe and 3 in North America. However, it is unclear what type of encryption is used, and due to its open nature, hosts and passwords constantly change.

You can download VPNBook here.


If you consider yourself as a pro, then OpenVPN is the VPN server for you. OpenVPN offers unlimited data transfer in its free VPN service and provides many advanced security features for you to enjoy.

While some users can setup OpenVPN successfully themselves, there are some who cannot due to some complex configuration settings. However, this can be resolved by using guides and how-tos for the setup.

OpenVPN, if set up properly, will not only encrypt your traffic but will also provide you access to your home network and devices as if you were connected locally.

You can download OpenVPN here!

Hotspot Shield Free

HotSpot Shield

Hotspot Shield Free VPN provides security, privacy, and access to some blocked or restricted websites. It is a free VPN providing 750MB data transfer limit per day for everyone. However, you will be subjected to multiple advertisements, as well as some restrictions on content with the free version. You can get rid of these ads and restrictions with the Elite plan.

Hotspot shield is easy to navigate and well-designed. You can directly download Hotspot Shield for free, install, and connect. Hotspot Shield VPN has servers in over 80 countries, but users are allowed only with one simultaneous connection, and you cannot change the default server location which is the US.

Hotspot Shield free gives you free VPN service but with limited access and features. Nevertheless, Hotspot Shield provides strong data encryption and provides faster speed for download and upload, even way faster than the others.

You can download HotSpot Shield Free here!

How to Install a Free VPN for PC

Using a premium VPN is much better than settling for a free VPN provider, but if you must use a freemium VPN, here’s how you should go about installing a free VPN for PC. It is essential to download your free VPN app from a trusted source, ideally the website of the manufacturer.

You can also check the official webshops of your operating system or browser. For example, you can check Google’s Play Store for an Android VPN and the Chrome Web Store for a Chrome extension VPN.

Some things to keep in mind when you’re choosing a VPN software to download are your operating system and your device's specifications. The VPN you download must be compatible with your operating system or it won’t work and may pose a security risk.

Not every VPN app that’s designed for Windows will be compatible with your Windows PC. You must confirm that it supports the particular Windows operating system that you’re using. You also need to ensure you have enough disk space and memory for the app so it works properly.

Once you have confirmed that you have enough disk space and memory, go ahead and install the VPN app or browser extension according to the manufacturer’s instructions. When the installation is complete, you can open the app, check the settings, and your VPN connection can be activated. It should work normally provided you have a stable internet connection.

free vpn installation

Service and Performance Comparison Between Paid and Free VPNs

There are some significant differences in the service and performance of free VPNs and paid VPN service. Generally, premium VPN offers unlimited features with no restrictions.

Free VPN providers tend to have a daily or monthly bandwidth limit to prevent users from overloading their servers and crashing them. You may also have a limited number of servers and VPN protocols to choose from.

The size and capacity of the server network that free VPN services offer tend to be limited because they aren’t actively making a profit to invest in their network, thus the need for a bandwidth limit. On the other hand, premium VPN providers offer unlimited bandwidth. If you choose a free plan from a paid VPN service, the chances are that some features may also be limited.

While free VPN services may have many of the same security provisions that you’ll get from premium VPNs, they are not usually stable. The inconsistency of the network may lead to connectivity issues and leave you exposed to security vulnerabilities that can be exploited by hackers.

Another thing worth considering when you choose a free VPN is the ever-present possibility that the VPN provider is sharing your data with third parties for a profit. This is one of the only ways that free VPN companies can generate a profit.

Free VPN for iPhone Devices

All the VPN providers above are suitable for devices running on either Android, iOS, macOS, or Microsoft Windows. However, the number one free VPN for iPhone is undoubtedly CyberGhost VPN, and there’s a good reason for this.

CyberGhost VPN is a paid VPN service, but it offers a free trial where free users have access to the same features as premium users. This is rare in the world of VPN. Usually, VPN providers limit the features that free users have access to. The fact that CyberGhost doesn’t have any such limitations makes this the number one free VPN software on the market today.

You can try CyberGhost VPN for 24 hours completely free. However, if you want continued access to the platform, you can opt for the free trial option which involves signing up for the service – but with the option of getting your money back at any time if you are not satisfied. The CyberGhost money-back guarantee period varies depending on the subscription plan that you choose. If you opt for the 1-month plan, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee. However, with the 6-month plan, you have a 45-day money-back guarantee.

CyberGhost VPN has a range of cutting-edge features including military-grade AES-256 encryption, access to geo-blocked content on streaming platforms like Netflix, access to over 7000 servers worldwide, multiple VPN protocols, and so much more.

Best Free VPN for Android Users

Just like with iPhones, there’s no question that CyberGhost VPN is the best free VPN for Android. With this Android VPN service, you get full protection and access to loads of amazing features to keep you safe and anonymous online. You can take advantage of the CyberGhost VPN money-back guarantee to use the VPN platform for up to 14 days to 45 days depending on the subscription package that you choose.

CyberGhost has been around for up to a decade and has earned a reputation for its highly secured network with lots of security provisions. You enjoy super-fast internet speed when you use CyberGhost VPN. 

Android logo

It is the perfect solution for streaming content online and accessing sensitive data using a highly encrypted connection. With CyberGhost VPN, you can use public WiFi to access your bank account without any security risks.

The CyberGhost Android VPN app is available for both Android smartphones and tablets as well as smart TVs running on Android. You can get the app directly from the CyberGhost online store or head over to the Goole Play Store. You enjoy 24/7 customer service when you choose this VPN.

Where to Download the Best and Fastest Free VPN

To get the best and fastest free VPN, the first step is to identify the VPN service that you want. Then head over to the manufacturer’s website to get the VPN client. You can also download a free VPN from any official web store like the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. Be wary of downloading apps from unknown third-party websites because they may contain malware.

Every reputable VPN provider has a website where you can download their app and read about their service, even if it is a free service. If a VPN company doesn’t have a website, that’s a good sign to stay away from the VPN platform because it is not trustworthy.

Apart from the manufacturer’s website, check on any official web store to get the VPN app. Before you download any app from a web store, check and confirm that it was uploaded by the company that made the app. Also, check reviews from other users to see what they have to say about the app before you click the download button.

Do Free VPNs Work?

Free VPNs do not have a good reputation primarily because many free VPN providers have substandard network infrastructure, limited features, and they have a lot of potential security vulnerabilities. As a result, a lot of people don’t have any confidence in free VPNs. However, not all free VPNs are questionable. So, if you’re wondering ‘do free VPNs work?’ The answer is yes, but not all of them.

Many free VPNs have the same high-level security features that you’ll find on some of the leading VPN providers in the industry. This includes end-to-end encryption, multiple VPN protocols, malware protection, ad blocker, and so much more. You can even use them to unblock geo-restricted content and catch up on your favorite TV shows.

While free VPNs work, most of them tend to have fewer features than you’ll get from a paid VPN service. But, some premium VPNs like CyberGhost, have a free service, albeit for a limited time, where you get access to the same features as a paying customer.

Free VPN That Works with Netflix

The number one reason why many people use VPNs today is to get past geo-restrictions and access their favorite movies and TV shows on streaming platforms like Netflix. A majority of the free VPNs out there can’t unblock streaming content, but some can. If you’re looking for a free VPN that works with Netflix, the best option is CyberGhost VPN.

CyberGhost is one of the fastest VPN providers available today so you can stream without any lagging. You can use this VPN to unblock content from over 35 platforms including Netflix, Disney+, Hulu, Amazon Prime, HBO, ESPN, and so much. And you have more than 50 servers to choose from including servers in Europe, Asia, and South America.

netflix logo

The only caveat is that CyberGhost isn’t completely free. You can take advantage of the company’s money-back guarantee to use the VPN service for a limited time. If you enjoy the service, you have to invest in a subscription plan.

Most free VPNs have a limited number of servers and many of them don’t work with Netflix. The few ones that work for streaming content are highly unstable. So, if you want to access Netflix and other streaming platforms with a VPN online, the best you can hope for is a paid VPN that offers free service for a limited time. No truly free VPN gives you all the same features you’ll get from a premium VPN.

100% Free VPN with Premium Features

Are you looking for a 100% free VPN that gives you the features you’ll get on the foremost paid VPNs available today? One of the best options is CyberGhost VPN. It is important to note that CyberGhost is a premium VPN. However, the company offers a limited free service and there’s also a money-back guarantee for a limited time. Here are some of the features you can expect from this VPN.

CyberGhost is one of the fastest VPN providers available today. When you choose CyberGhost, you have access to 7400 servers in 91 locations around the world. This VPN service has cutting-edge security features including AES 256 encryption, a kill switch, and more. You can choose your preferred VPN protocol out of four options – the open source OpenVPN, IKEv2, WireGuard, and L2TP/IPSec.

CyberGhost can be used to unblock geo-restricted content and supports P2P file sharing. The company has a strict no-logs policy. CyberGhost doesn’t track your online activity or store user data.

In addition to all these features, you can count on getting the best connection speed when you use CyberGhost VPN.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which free VPN is best?

CyberGhost VPN is arguably the best free VPN service available today. It comes with premium features and you can use the platform for free for a limited time.

Is there a completely free VPN?

Yes, there are some completely free VPN providers, but they tend to have limited features and are unreliable. The fact is that businesses must make a profit to cover their expenses, and since free VPNs don’t make any profit, they can’t invest in improving their network. The result is substandard service.

So, while 100% free VPNs exist, they may not be the best option. You may be better off choosing an affordable premium VPN service if you need a VPN on a long-term basis.

Is JustFreeVPN safe?

JustFreeVPN is one of the options available to you if you’re searching for a free VPN service, but how safe is it? Well, JustFreeVPN uses 256-bit encryption along with SSTP and OpenVPN VPN protocol. These security provisions are on par with industry standards.

With that said, JustFreeVPN does not seem to have a no-logging policy. This raises a security risk as anyone can potentially access your data on the company’s servers.

Is there a free VPN in Canada?

Yes, there are a few free VPN providers based in Canada. Also, free VPN companies from other parts of the world have servers in Canada so their service is available in the country.

It’s really up to you to decide which one’s more convenient for you. The important thing is to choose the VPN provider that can best deliver VPN service in terms of reliability, bandwidth, privacy, security, and anonymity.

If you haven’t considered using a VPN to secure your privacy, now is the time to do so.