If you’re living in Canada, you can use a VPN to access unblocked content unavailable in Canada. VPNs let you access larger libraries and international content by changing your IP address to your chosen remote VPN server which makes websites think your computer is in a geo-tagged location that is suitable.

So if you want access to the US Netflix library, simply pick a US server and connect to it. Given that, not all VPNs work with Netflix. Check out best VPN Canada for those VPNs that do.

In addition to accessing Netflix and other websites, you can also protect all of your data from your internet service provider who might be snooping, or other users at Coffee shops that can easily get your information through insecure private Wi-Fi.

Living in Canada isn’t that different from other countries regarding why you need a VPN on a day to day basis. Privacy is important everywhere, and there are snoopers and malicious ways for your data to be stolen regardless of your location. So which features do you need from a VPN before you decide to choose?

Connection Speed

When considering a VPN, you will need a VPN that has excellent connection times. You don’t want to spend more time waiting to use your VPN with slow connection load times than actually using it. Having a good connection time when using your VPN is essential!

Ease of Use

A lot of VPNs designed now are very easy to use, but a lot of older VPNs and lazier developers have applications that are either just poorly designed, or riddled with bugs. For your Canadian VPN, you need a VPN that is easy to use but also powerful.

No Logs

When using a Canadian VPN, you need a VPN that doesn’t collect relevant personal records that could include information about what data you are transmitting when you use your VPN. A lot of VPNs collect minor logs, but some other VPNs obtain a little too much and have reputations that have suffered.


A lot of VPNs don’t have high-quality servers or they just don’t have enough. Our recommended VPNs below all have great server networks that cover most locations around the globe that you would need.

Customer Support

If you have any questions with your VPN, customer support is SUPER helpful. With a technical topic like VPN, you want to make sure you are using the software to its full potential–and if you have any issues, it’s better to get live chat than having to way for a response ticket.

Using a VPN in Canada is becoming more important than ever since more and more regulations are forming to limit personal privacy in the name of preventing crime. These laws cannot always be accounted for since they give the government more and more direction and power to use the internet as a surveillance tool rather than a vessel for freedom of speech and content delivery.

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