The Fastest and the Best VPNs for Torrenting

Download torrents like a pro!

3 Best VPNS for Downloading Torrents

We like torrents and We support it! This is why We took the time to test and review the best torrenting VPNs in terms of speed performance and reliability.

Buying a VPN from this list could make your download speed increase due to speed limitation on torrent networks applied by many ISP providers.

Don't take any additional risk and prevent ISP notices while downloading safely with a VPN service!




Hot Features

Unlimited Bandwidth, No Logs, Fast Servers

VPN Network

3000+ VPN servers in 94 countries

Pricing Policy

30-day money-back guarantee

Hot Features

Socks5 Proxy, Port Forwarding, Unlimited Downloads

VPN Network

3335+ VPN servers in 33 countries

Pricing Policy

7-day money-back guarantee

Hot Features

No Logs, P2P-Optimized Servers, Offshore Servers

VPN Network

5293+ VPN servers in 62 countries

Pricing Policy

30-day money-back guarantee

Why Should I Need a VPN for my Torrent Download?

  • Unblock speed, Many ISP limit download speed from torrent network.
  • Prevent notice from your ISP about copyright infringement.
  • Download safely. No one can track you!

Torrenting is it illegal?

The answer is YES! Downloading copyrighted files over torrent network is now illegal in Canada since the 1st January 2015.

What is the risk to download torrent without a VPN service?

If you download a “tracked” torrent files (games, movies, softwares, etc..), the copyright holder can ask your ISP to send you a notice.

What is the amount of penalty for downloading illegally copyrighted files?

  • Music –> 20$ to 250$
  • Software –> 20$ to 5000$
  • Movies & TV Series –> 250$ to 5000$

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