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The idea of connecting to free Wi-Fi while you are in a public place with your Android phone or device may sound good. But are you aware that this connection can be dangerous and risky for you? There are many reasons that you should be cautious about a free internet connection or Wi-Fi.

One of the top reasons is you will never know if the network was correctly configured, and no one has the chance to see your online data or activities. So what is the solution to this concern? Simple, you just need to use the best VPN for Android.

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  • 5500+ VPN servers in 59 countries
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  • 3000+ VPN servers in 94 countries
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  • Strict No logs Policy
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  • Unlimited Devices
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  • 2000+ VPN servers in 140 countries
  • 5 Simultaneous devices allowed
  • AES-256 Encryption with OpenVPN
  • Keep VPN connection logs
  • 31-day Money-back guarantee
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  • 12945+ VPN servers in 75 countries
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  • AES-256 Encryption with OpenVPN
  • No logs policy
  • 30-day Money-back guarantee
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Why You Should Have the Best VPN for Android

While free and open connections are very inviting, you will never know what the different information is at risk for this. With an unsafe network, anyone can easily monitor your network traffic.

Every online activity that you do while you are connected to the said network, like sending emails to expose your important login details, can be accessible to them. Your private information, which you have carefully kept for so long, can be revealed to someone you haven’t met once. And that is a really scary idea.

Fortunately, you don’t have to feel helpless during this situation because you can use a VPN to secure your privacy and online activities wherever you are. With the best VPNs available in the market, connecting to an unsafe network like Wi-Fi in your favorite coffee shop will never be too risky anymore.

You can enjoy browsing online and do other activities online without the idea that you are being watched by third-parties that are interested in your information. While VPNs are recommended for open connections, it is still a good investment though your network is safe. If you are not aware of this, ISPs are also pieces of your data and selling it to different advertisers and other third parties.

Many companies have gained benefits from this side business of ISPs, while their subscribers have little to no idea with what information has been acquired.

If you ever thought that no one would be interested in your data online, especially when using your Android phone, you are 100% wrong about this idea.

Even when you are not a person who is under surveillance or attack, you can still be a good subject for different third parties who want to benefit from your information. But you can completely avoid these interested parties by using the best VPN for your Android devices.

Using a Virtual Private Network will give you a lot of benefits. If you want to interact differently and safely with the internet, you will need a reliable VPN. When you are connected to a Virtual Private Network, your data will be encrypted, and it will be sent to a VPN server.

When someone is trying to monitor or access your network connection, they will only see unintelligible data. Since your online traffic passes through a server, spies and advertisers will see the IP address of the server and not the IP address of your device.

VPNs are a smart and simple solution to keep your privacy and identity online.

VPN Providers

We all want to be protected with our internet connection while at home. But what about when we are using our devices outside? How can you secure leak protection of your identity and maintain your privacy while being connected to a public Wi-Fi?

The answer is by using a VPN. You need this software not just at home, but most importantly, when you are working outside. You need to protect your laptop or Android devices all the time.


Though this VPN provider is a newcomer and it offers a minimal available number of servers, it is still considered as a great Android VPN in the market. One of the top advantages of Surfshark is its cheap cost.

If you for its 2-year subscription, your monthly fee will fall around $1.99, which makes it $47.76 for 24 months. It also offers a 30-day money-back guarantee for those who are not sure about its service.

Surfshark is using strong protocols such as OpenVPN and IKEc2, and it allows unlimited simultaneous connections across your Android devices.

Surfshark will also offer you different features that you can find with premium VPNs like a super easy-to-use app, simple service choice, and a convenient Whitelister feature, which you can use to exclude various websites from the VPN connection. Its 4.1 ratings in Google Play will also assure you that this VPN can work well with your Android phone.

Surfshark Mobile

Though Surfshard cannot compete with the speed and wide range of servers of NordVPN, it is still a great option for Android users who are considering their budget.

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Overall Rating: 4.5 / 5.0

What Makes a Good VPN for Android?

While Android phones and tablets are different from desktops and laptops because of their forms, the factors that we are looking for the best VPN are still the same. If desktop and laptop users value speed with their VPN, that’s the same thing with those users of Android phones and tablets.

Speed is one of the top metrics that we should consider when choosing the best Android VPN. Although many VPNs perform poorly with mobile phones, the right one will give a justifiable speed that can make your online browsing smooth. The next metric is the number of servers available with the VPN. 

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When you have access to many servers from different parts of the world, this means that you can easily find a close server when you are traveling.

When you are located in a foreign country, and you want to get access to various information or content from other locations with one of those servers without taking any potential risks. With a wide range of server locations, you can make yourself located from different parts of the world without leaving your place.

Another thing that you need to consider when finding the best Android VPN is the location of the company. With its location, the VPN company is following local laws when it comes to retaining user data. This thing may or may not benefit you if you value privacy more than anything else.

That’s why you must read the company’s terms of service so you will have a clear picture of their policies when it comes to logging and data retention.

Finally, we will move to the most important factors of the best Android VPN – the price and licenses. You will find a lot of the best Android VPN providers that are offering their services for free, while others are incredibly expensive but feature 30 days money-back guarantee.

Whether you go for a free version or you are paying $10 per month for a subscription, you need to be sure that you are getting the most out of your VPN service. The features and benefits that you get must justify the price of the VPN.

Simultaneous connections are allowed for almost all paid VPNs. For most companies, you can connect five to six devices at the same time. You need to secure enough licenses so you can use your Virtual Private Network with different devices.

A user-friendly VPN app is also part of a good Virtual Private Network. You need to find something that you can quickly use each time you want to connect to the internet.

Get a VPN for Android

You can forget about using a VPN app with your Android phone or device, but this is not recommended. Whether you are a businessman who manages a multi-billionaire company or someone who stays at home most of the time, you should choose to invest with a Virtual Private Network.

Aside from securing your data and identity online, you will also have a more flexible connection as you go around the internet all over the world. VPNs may not protect you from all the possible threats online, but using this software can give you more security and privacy.

Why Should You Use a VPN?

How many times have you asked about this? And the answer will always be the same. You need to protect your privacy, identity, and online activities while going around the web. To make it clearer for you, here are some of the tops reasons why you need to get an Android VPN app:

  • You need an Android VPN to conceal your IP address and stay anonymous and private online.
  • You need an Android VPN to bypass geo-restricted websites and content using different server locations.
  • You need an Android VPN to keep your information safe and secure.
  • You need an Android VPN to maintain your anonymity online and get away from online spying. 

Maybe you cannot think of any rational reason why you need to keep hidden behind your Android phone. But did you remember those times that you sent messages, emails, and photos using your mobile phone?

Those data are as important as those that you are sending using your desktop or laptop. Regardless if you are sending confidential information or not, knowing someone is snooping on, you can be uncomfortable and stressful.

There are more reasons why you need to use a VPN app for Android phones and other devices, but those we have mentioned above are the most popular and most important.

What does a VPN do on Android?

VPNs or also called Virtual Private Network, have been used by almost all online internet users to ensure privacy online. The high level of privacy and security of Android VPN apps can keep your important data and information from any third party who might be interested in them.

A good VPN can mask your real IP address and keep your online activities from prying eyes that can steal your identity and important information. While using a VPN with your Android phone, you don’t have to worry about sending confidential messages, emails, or photos because you can keep them protected 100%.

Another great thing that a Virtual Private Network app can do with your devices is to allow you from accessing geo-restricted websites and content like foreign movies, TV shows, and other information that you cannot view from your actual location.

Since a Virtual Private Network has servers that can make you look like you are browsing somewhere else, you have the chance to visit almost all blocked content from a single location.

How to use a VPN in Android?

This is very simple. You will only need to download one of those VPN apps so you can start using it.

As soon as you have subscribed to one of its plans (whether you are using a free trial, free version, or paid plan), you can log in to the app using your username and password, choose the server location that you want to get connected to, and then hit the connect button.

That’s how easy you can use a Virtual Private Network for your Android phone and other devices.

For most paid VPNs, you are also allowed to make simultaneous connections of up to four to five Android devices. You need to check your plan to make sure with the allowed number of phones and tablets that can be connected to the VPN at the same time.

Now that you are connected to one of the VPN servers, you can start browsing the internet safely and securely.


Among all the VPNs available in the market, the best VPN app for Android is ExpressVPN. This is considered the most trusted and secured Virtual Private Network that you can use for any Android phone and device. With its fast speed and other features, there is no doubt that ExpressVPN won in this review!

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