The 10 Best Torrent Sites

The best torrent sites are still the go-to choices when downloading movies, audio and other files. Read on the best torrent sites for file sharing and downloading.

Torrent sites have since become one of the best and popular avenues to download movies for quite some time now.

And if you’re in the lookout for something new to watch, you’ve probably hit your search engine using the keywords, “best torrenting sites 2021.” Because, why not? Tons of best content with just a few taps and clicks, who says no to those, right?

This is probably one of the main reasons behind Internet-savvy individuals’ penchant for movies download sites where they can get to download torrents or magnet links that takes them a step closer to the movie they’ve been itching to watch.

However, the past few years may have been rough for these verified torrents hunters. Why? Because, with the help of technology, several governments had begun mounting online pirate bay hunts of their own. This saw stiffer Internet measures being enacted seeking heavier penalties to those who will be caught downloading torrents, and some of the best torrent sites going down.

That’s why one must seriously consider employing the best VPN for downloading movies, for instance, to avoid getting caught red-handed in the online space. Torrent sites are also an awesome place to download popular TV shows, so you wouldn’t want to do anything rash to spoil the chance for free content.

What Torrent Sites Still Work

Best Torrent Sites

Say you’re done securing your IP address using a reliable VPN and pretty much locked and loaded to browse through a multitude of best torrent sites to get the best content. You’ll probably want to get a shortlist of the most popular torrent sites in existence, right?

No need to worry, for we’ve already made a quick list of the best torrent websites. Even though you’ll need quite a while to jump from one torrent site to another to know which among these torrent sites suits you best, it’s worth noting that most of these torrent sites are easy to use and embody what the best torrent websites can offer.

The top 10 best torrent sites of today’s time, arranged in no particular order:

1. The Pirate Bay


Considered as one of the best and the oldest-existing torrent sites there is, The Pirate Bay is an Internet-based repository of software and entertainment content. And this has been gracing the greater Internet populace with its easy to use interface since its maiden year in 2003.

It is a magnet link and torrent index type of site that also enables users to look for, download, and pitch in magnet links, which makes peer-to-peer (P2P) sharing of files happen for faster download.

A torrent site that makes money via various ways like cryptocurrency mining, site advertising placements, sales of merchandise items, and dole-outs coming from generous users and individuals, The Pirate Bay is an excellent source of basically everything under the sun one could ask for. TV shows, movies, music albums, and even ebooks—you name it.

Case in point, it has a torrent search engine that instantly brings about a list of torrents you can download by pairing a torrent client to the site. It belongs to this top 10 list for a reason.

Not only does it present a user-friendly interface, but it’s also available in over 30 languages to cater to its users worldwide. Even though The Pirate Bay may be blocked to some territories due to some copyright infringement issues about ten years ago.

While it may have had a fair share of controversies in the past, The Pirate Bay remains as one of the savvy Internet users go-to torrent sites to this day thanks to the popularity it has amassed over the years as an impeccable source of popular, on-demand and quality torrents. Others even revere it as the best torrent site until today’s time.



Next on the list is RARBG, which was founded and launched in 2008. Like the previous torrent site, RARBG offers magnet links and torrent files essential for downloading files such as movies and other stuff.

As a torrent site-cum-torrent index provider and file-sharing website itself, RARBG became quite popular with the online community for its simplistic user interface and pretty short page loading time. It can be pretty much likened to a pirate bay because almost all movies, TV shows are on its index. No wonder it’s banned in at least 20 nations for the services it offers.

Upon landing on its homepage, you’ll see a highlights bar at the topmost part. Beneath it, clickable titles can be seen. Of course, a meta-search engine bar’s there, as well, for it’s quite a frequent element in torrent sites.

3. 1337x


This P2P-sharing torrent site was founded in 2007, dubbed as the third-most-popular torrent site in the world, as per the TorrentFreak blog.

Just three years ago, 1337x had a website redesign of sorts, following the closing down of KickassTorrents.

The site has had its fair share of getting banned five years ago, though. Great thing, the geniuses behind it had managed to change its domain to evade the imposed block on Google Search, a bold move that has been deemed as a nod to its black-orange fused website theme alluding to the traits of being slick and slithery online.

4. Kickass Torrents


Kickass Torrents used to be hailed as one of the most sought after torrent sites in recent memory.

In fact, according to a United States-based web traffic analytics body, Alexa Internet, Inc., there was a time when this site somehow has overtaken The Pirate Bay in terms of being popular.

It even recorded a whopping one million foot traffic a day in 2015 until one lawsuit after the other got the best of it, resulting in the original site to formally sign off.

Fast forward to the present, a concerted effort by its former staffers and moderators is being made in an attempt to bring it back; this time, using another website with the spitting image of its predecessor on the original domain.

5. Torrentz2 (closed)


A meta-search engine index, Torrentz2 stands as a substitute to its previous iteration, the original Torrentz. As if its developers have had enough of getting sued, a thirteenfold disclaimer will greet you the moment you land on the site.

For the most part, it would seem like Torrentz2 wanted everyone to be knowledgeable that the act of downloading copyrighted materials is outright illegal.

Torrentz2, or more popularly known as the original Torrentz, is a formidable Internet location-finding mechanism, whose function can be compared to the world-renowned Google.

From the looks of it, this site religiously abides by anti-copyright infringement codes like the DMCA and EUCD. Indeed, a safe site to research anything you’d like to know about, as well, be it about a list of interesting information or a list of famous quotes you can use for your homework.

6. LimeTorrents


This torrent site offers popular and on-demand TV shows, movies, music, software anime content, and games to its users absolutely for free.

True to its name, the site also exudes a vibrant feel and lush greens right from the get-go. At the top lies a menu bar bearing buttons you can use to navigate through its entirety.

It has at least four site proxy domains, namely, .asia, .co, .zone, and If you’re a registered user, you can also log on to its full website, which can be accessed by simply clicking the “Home” tab situated at the top left corner of the torrent site.

7. TorrentDownloads


Emerging as one of the more traditional torrent sites thus far, this site displays the top downloadable content right off the bat, segmenting everything it has on its homepage for easier access. 

You’ll see a list for each category of popular torrents it has onboard. Plus, it also comes with an on-site search bar that allows you to get to your coveted content with just a few clicks in no time.

Just a friendly advice: While a plethora of content might seem very available on this torrent site, always make it a point to the only download verified safe items to avoid getting hounded by pesky viruses out there.

8. Torlock


The first thing that you’ll notice upon entering this torrent site are the most searched keywords dangling right under its site header.

Like any torrent sites available, it also employs a wide array of the segmented list according to download category, alongside other pertinent information related to the torrents such as the file size, number of seeds and peers.

It even has a section for newly uploaded torrents and a popular top 100 list of most downloaded torrents on the site.

If anything, what sets Torlock out among other torrent sites in operation to date? That’d be its “News” section, which features a list of news stories and advisories about lawsuits filed for certain content and a warning, of course, so you wouldn’t carelessly download anything without putting up your VPN to work first.

9. YTS


Perhaps the most professional, sophisticated-looking site of all the torrent sites featured on this list, YTS is home to well-compressed movie files. This means it has the best copies for more recent movies at smaller file sizes.

YTS is one of the most popular movie torrent sites in this list, not only because of how fast it updates its movies roster but also how this torrent site presents its goods like a pro.

Just take a closer look at the user interface of this torrent site; it’s not that hard to see why it’s being considered as one of the top 10 torrent sites in existence.

Upon browsing a little bit further down, you’ll see a big warning message that one must always use a VPN when downloading, as well.

10. EZTV (closed)


Last and certainly not the least, the EZTV.

Like YTS, this site immediately tells you that your IP address is exposed the moment you gain access to the site. But unlike the previous entry on this list, EZTV is rather quite the opposite of YTS, considering the way it indexes all of its files like a jungle.

It’s on this top 10 list for a reason. And perhaps, one of the considerations accounted for is the richness of its file index.

As the authorities become much stricter as time goes by, this torrent site also manages to list down coveted download files that are quite popular in the torrents scene.

Again, it has its way of saying, “you’ve been warned.”

What Is Torrenting Safe?Sites Still Work

For starters, blanketing oneself with a VPN, otherwise known as Virtual Private Network, helps keep your usage of the world’s most popular torrent sites safe. But generally, torrent sites are considered harm-free, because they’re best used for file sharing.

It can only become dangerous if you’re downloading copyright-protected materials, ones that require payment before you can have a copy of your own. In other words, the process of downloading torrents gets risky if one intends to commit the act of piracy.

What makes the downloading of BitTorrent movies, you say? Let’s put it this way: When you do it sans a VPN, the source of the file you’re downloading from becomes conspicuous of your Internet Protocol (IP) Address. This means companies out there have their way of tracking down the users who have downloaded their content without due permission and payment, of course.

And here’s when it gets tricky. Once they have already traced you, it’s only there and then when they’ll let your Internet Service Provider know about it and urge them to act against it through a lawsuit, among others.

A few more tip-ins: You must always keep an eye on the things you download online on these torrent sites. While some may look okay at the beginning, some torrent files may give you problems in the long run. A solid piece of advice would be to never download from untrusted sources and only turn your attention to verified torrents as much as possible.

Being mindful of the comments below the file you’re about to download the way to go each time. Sometimes, it’s better to take the word of the ones who got to it first than to be sorry after a malware, virus, and other harmful software have already infiltrated your computer.

How to Download Movies from Torrent

Let’s just re-emphasize the value of having a well-working VPN before we discuss this part. As you may already know, accessing the mentioned torrent sites above gets you marked by your Internet provider and the authorities patrolling the online space at all times.

Torrent sites nowadays are no longer restriction-free, unlike how it used to back in the day. Now, if you’re sure you have a VPN in place, then we’ll list down here some of the most common steps you need to take in downloading movies from torrent sites.

  • Never let your guard down - It always helps to install and put a legitimate VPN to work before anything else. Remember: They’re always watching, waiting for you to make a sloppy move.
  • Download a torrent client - When we say “torrent client,” we’re talking about programs like the uTorrent, BitTorrent, among others that let you pull-off a torrent move search. This software makes the magic happen as they capitalize on the P2P sharing method. More users seeding the downloaded content can cut down the time you’ll spend getting, say, a 700-megabyte movie.
  • Keep your PC or laptop turned on - After downloading the link to your desired movie, click on the file, so your torrent client will have it queued for download. If it’s the only file up for download, then the download process will immediately commence. Also, don’t forget that the amount of the would-be elapsed time will also depend on the speed of your Internet connection.
  • Hold your end of the bargain - So you’ve got your movie downloaded, and it’s already sitting somewhere within your hard drive. The next thing to do is to return the favor, especially if you got your movie in under an hour or less. As mentioned, the seeds help make the download process run much faster than the average timeframe. Do others favor; seed the file and help others trim down their download time.


There’s a lot to be thankful for the existence of torrent sites in the online space. For one, not only do these sites make free content available, but they also manage to come up with an elaborate and sometimes categorized list of essentials at every turn.

Let’s face it, though. Downloading from these sites isn’t as safe as it used to be during the early days of the Internet. Stiffer penalties and lawsuits await the ones who’ll be caught red-handed, and you wouldn’t that to happen to you, would you?

A great thing, there’s Express VPN. Popular torrent sites become a much safer place to pick up the best torrent, popular torrent, games music, torrent files, among others, with the help of ExpressVPN.

It’s of utmost importance to take a hard look at some of the benefits and perks that ExpressVPN brings to the fold. Here’s a list of some benefits you’ll enjoy when using ExpressVPN:

Superb Anonymity on all fronts

In this day and age, anonymity is the key. ExpressVPN lets you enjoy your privacy in an impeccable manner sans the worry of getting exposed, as it hooks you up with any of its VPN servers across the globe in 94 countries.

This helps keep third parties at bay and your data secure. It’s important to always keep your credentials anonymous so you’ll stay invisible online. 

Safe browsing at all times

Break free from the prying eyes of network admins and even the government. ExpressVPN comes equipped with web traffic encryption. Even better, it allows you to visit restricted sites in your country at your desired time without the danger of actually getting caught.

New IP address for you every time you wish to do so; this is the real power that you’d surely want to have. 

Uninterrupted bandwidth

By using ExpressVPN, it’ll give you the key to unlimited bandwidth that’s compatible with streaming giants like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu, HBO Go, and the like.

When we say “unlimited,” ExpressVPN also covers the most popular social media channels such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and even Skype, enabling you to enjoy unhindered access to various media content like videos, among others.


The bottom line: ExpressVPN lets you enjoy the ultimate freedom online to do whatever you like. A hidden IP means you’ll never need to look back at every online footprint you leave behind each time.

You see, hiding your IP is everything in this world where every company seems to never run out of ways to prey upon the data you’re exposing online. Your IP bears divulge every little detail about you like location, online activities, and even your identity—which means your data privacy’s literally at the mercy of those who know how to take advantage of it.

ExpressVPN is a torrent friendly and lets its users have uninterrupted access to torrent sites no matter where you are on this planet. It also bypasses restrictions in sites, meaning you can stay as safe and secure online while you enjoy your downloads.

It hides your IP and encrypts your network information to the fullest. So there’s no need to keep on watching over your shoulders. What’s more, ExpressVPN uses 160 VPN locations and enables you to perform a VPN speed test anytime.

It’s equipped with robust privacy sentinels and blue-chip encryption for secure “sites hopping” every single time