About Us

Best VPN Canada is run by a group of professionals who have a passion for data analysis and systematization. Our team has over 50 years of combined experience reviewing and comparing services in various niches.

Two of our top focus areas are cyber security and data privacy. Today, keeping your data safe online is becoming more important than ever, with governments and private companies using every trick in the book to collect as much personal information about internet users as possible. The goal of staying safe and keeping your privacy online is also becoming more and more difficult for an average Canadian.

The easiest way to protect your information online is to use a VPN, but it can be difficult for an average person to find a good service that meets their needs. This is why we’ve created Best VPN Canada: a website that provides detailed reviews of all major VPN services available to Canadians, and also contains a host of other useful information about VPNs and cybersecurity. We believe that our service can make the task of choosing a VPN easy and even enjoyable.

While we always strive to provide the most complete and accurate information possible, we are affiliated with some VPN services listed on our website and receive a small fee for referrals. However, our focus is always on objective metrics and authentic customer experiences. Companies can never purchase their way to a high rating.

Our service uses Google Analytics Cookies, but doesn’t store any other user data.

All the best,
BVC Team.