10 Reasons to Hide Your IP

10 Reasons for why you should hide your ip when you accessing to the internet. The Internet is not safe as you could think.

Each mobile/computer device is designated as a numerical label known as the IP address or Internet Protocol address. As you access any website online, the web host could see where your location is and can trace your activities while you’re on the site—even after you’ve left the page to browse somewhere else.

Hiding your IP address can help you gain lots and lots of favors. The following are 10 of the most compelling reasons to keep your IP address hidden.

Hide Your IP Address

1. Access to Streaming Anywhere

Are you on a trip abroad and on the verge of missing your favorite show? Worry not. Once you hide your IP and connect to your hometown’s server, you’ll no longer feel like you left home.

2. Browse Websites Anonymously

Staying anonymous while browsing makes the whole online experience worry-free. Hiding your IP via encryption is the key to achieve this.

3. Get Rid of Snoopers Trying to Access your Personal Information.

Hiding your real IP address keeps your security intact as you disguise your exact location and identity.

4. Protect Yourself when Using a Wi-Fi Hotspot.

Wifi Hotspots are never secure as they’re open to everybody. Using a VPN connection enables you to hide your IP from an unsafe network where hackers might be creeping around.

5. Access Websites which are not Available to your IP Address’ Geographic Location.

You can enjoy streaming channels that are restricted to your area by using a VPN to connect to any country’s server. Just choose the exact country you want to mimic, and you can readily access the sites that the country can access.

6. By-pass Workplace or School Restrictions.

If you shift to another IP address, given by a good VPN, you could easily bypass business/school network limitations in order to gain the data you need.

7. By-pass Surveillance and National Internet Censorship.

There could be organizations or companies trying to trace your online activities. You can keep them away by hiding your IP address accordingly.

8. Shield your Activity from your ISP or Internet Service Provider.

Your ISP might be obligated by the law to trace and reveal your personal details and online activities. If you want to avoid this, use a VPN service.

9. Keep your Personal Searches Private.

Hiding your IP address disables search engines to trace and store information on your activities. Friendly reminder: You still have to clear your cookies right after each browsing session even when a VPN connection is activated. This is to ensure total safety.

10. Access to Internet Freedom.

The internet was established to be a platform that everybody can maximize and modify. Innovation, creativity, communication exchange of ideas and education run alongside the power of the internet. To hide your IP can help you keep the online privacy and the right to express that you deserve.

These are some of the strongest reasons to hide your IP. Keeping stealth is never a negative move. In fact, it’s the best move to achieve a real sense of liberty while accessing the colorful and wide world of the internet.

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