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Best VPN Canada is providing you the top 5 of best VPN for Canadians! We tested & reviewed every of these VPN services just for you and We retained these five VPN providers because they are the simply the best from our opinion.

10/10Private Internet Access$2.50
/ month
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/ month
62 COUNTRIES~5118 SERVERS3-Days Trial9.7
read review
9.3/10Pure VPN$3.54
/ month
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/ month
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/ month
20 COUNTRIES~1000 SERVERS500Mb Trial9.1
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Our Recommendation: The Best VPN Service

We recommend the best VPN services in terms of pricing, features and overall performance. The top 5 services listed above have been put through rigorous testing to ensure that they meet the needs of both individuals and businesses alike.

Furthermore, each one of these services takes your privacy and security very seriously. None of your private information is recorded, stored or sold to third parties. It is for this reason that we highly recommended these VPNs to everyone.


1. Private Internet Access – Most Popular VPN Client

Private Internet Access


Private Internet Access is a US-based VPN service. It has a great deal of credibility in the market because of its robust encryption security features, fast speed, and availability of servers worldwide making it the most popular VPN client on the market nowadays.

Private Internet Access values the privacy and security of society as a need for prosperity and diversity. PIA offers low-cost yearly plans that attract new subscribers by the masses, and the consensus is that the service works, and has no incidents of any users complaining of P2P notices or logged activity.


Let us hop right into the features PIA has to offer for VPN users.

  • Servers

Private Internet Access has servers located across the world. In more than 33 countries where PIA has located over 3160 servers and is continuously adding more servers to its servers list.

Multiple servers’ gives you the ease of connecting to any server, anywhere, and be completely anonymous with your online activity. You connect to a server of your choice and your original IP address changes to that of the servers.

PIA has servers in Asia, Central America, South America, the United Kingdom, Europe, and in the US.

  • Protocols

Private Internet Access offers OpenVPN, L2TP, and PPTP Protocols and shares compatibility with Android, Mac, iOS, Linux, and Windows devices. It provides strong AES 128 and 256-bit encryption which helps protect your data from cybercriminals.

  • P2P and BitTorrent

Private Internet Access allows P2P file-sharing and BitTorrent. You can share as many files as you want.

  • DNS Leak Protection

PIA offers this feature for your safety. It protects your data by routing your DNS through the VPN, which helps protect from DNS leakage by maintaining your privacy.


Another great feature is called “PIA MACE” which blocks malicious advertisements, trackers, and malware.

  • IPv6 Protection

Optionally disable the use of the IPv6 protocol over the VPN for added security.

Pros / Cons


  • Unbelievably simple and fast installation
  • Simultaneous connections (computer and/or mobile)
  • logging of user IP or activity (good for privacy)
  • Anonymous Payment Options (Bitcoin, gift cards, etc)
  • 7-Day Refund (not publicized, but available)


  • Lack of advanced options


Pricing / Packages

Private Internet Access offers a monthly plan starting at $6.95, one of the cheapest among the top providers. However, their yearly plan goes even further in terms of discounts at only $3.33 per month (billed $39.95 a year). Their tri-annual plan is equally cheap and comes at $2.50 per month (billed $89.95).

Obviously, the $4 price difference between this and the yearly plan is to encourage more users to commit to the annual plan. Users can pay using a variety of payment methods including PayPal, Amazon Payments, Google Wallet, OKPay, CashU, and Liberty Reserve. Those who are overly concerned about anonymity usually use BitCoin.


Private Internet Access is one of the largest VPN providers at the moment. They are known for focusing on security and privacy. In addition, there are a wide range of different servers, which generally provide a stable and sufficiently fast connection.

Support for the American Netflix and other streaming services are present but may require switching between servers since Netflix can detect a few. During our Private Internet Access review we found that PIA is very well priced if you go for a six month or a year’s subscription.


2. NordVPN – #1 Anonymous VPN Software



NordVPN is the number one anonymous VPN out there on the market. It scores extremely high on its security features with above average connection speeds. Apart from no logging and no log retention policy, the company is registered in Panama and as per Panama laws they do not have to divulge the details of clients’ connections to authorities like he national security agency or that of any European or Asian country’s equivalent.

Also in case of any misuse of servers, the server could be taken down resulting in no further problems to the user. Panama-based NordVPN has been in the VPN game for over 10 years, and it shows in how well they manage to combine so many powerful features into an intuitive and easy-to-use package.

NordVPN doesn’t just let users choose a location when connecting to a VPN; it allows them to select a VPN based on how they use it, be it streaming TV, ultra-secure privacy, anti-DDoS, or anonymity.


NordVPN claims to have the most advanced security features in the industry. The rest of this article evaluates NordVPN on how it protects your online anonymity and privacy.

  • NordVPN servers

NordVPN currently offers 5118 servers spanning in over 62 countries. The server interface provides an intuitive view and a list view of the servers. The list of servers is further grouped into DoubleVPN, Tor-over-VPN, Ultra-fast TV, Anti-DDoS servers, Dedicated IP servers, and Standard VPN servers.

  • P2P

P2P is the protocol for torrent file sharing. NordVPN has a list of servers (about 310) with P2P enabled and the rest are not P2P specialized. The user may connect to one of the P2P listed servers if they want to use a file sharing program.

In case you are running a torrent client and then connect to a non-P2P server, the traffic would be rerouted to a P2P server in Canada or Netherlands. We tested this and found the re-routing to be seamless. If the torrent client is switched off, the connection falls back to the initially chosen server.

  • Tor Over VPN

Tor over VPN here adds an extra layer of security. The user first connects to the VPN server, and then the VPN server connects to Tor once when the user starts an internet connection. However, using a Tor connection before connecting to VPN would have been much better as it will keep the users IP even hidden from the VPN provider. Also, Tor connections are relatively slower than the other connections.

  • Anti DDoS

Users can connect to four servers offering DDoS service. Servers are located in Italy, USA, Canada, and Germany.

  • Ultra-Fast TV

Ultra-fast TV service provided by two servers; one in the USA and the other in the UK. We tested the speed connecting to Netflix on these two servers and found that the speed is as good as connecting to the other NordVPN servers. Even if these servers are dedicated to faster streaming, if heavily loaded they might underperform, therefore less loaded regular servers should also be considered.

  • Double VPN

The data is encrypted in twice with this feature. If you are connecting to a “Russia-Netherlands” double VPN, the data is encrypted twice when it is routed first to the Russian server and again from Russian server to the Netherland server, both using the AES-256-CBC encryption. This provides an extra layer of security.

Pros / Cons


  • Offers six simultaneous connections. Can be installed on a router which makes any number of devices connected to the router get the VPN service.
  • Robust security. Users can use IKEv2/IPSec or OpenVPN protocols which are both highly secure.
  • Simple to set up and very user-friendly.
  • No log retention


  • No custom pricing as per user’s configuration requirements.
  • Little slower connection speeds
  • Support could be improved


Pricing / Packages

NordVPN can be downloaded from their website and installed. Pricing is based on three plans. Monthly subscription, six months subscription and a one-year subscription. All the subscription plans benefit from the complete features of NordVPN.  Subscribers are entitled to a full refund if they are not satisfied with the VPN within a one month period.

NordVPN has not provided links on their website to download a trial version. However, users could get a three-day trial once they contact the support team. They have a limited time offer of $3.99 per month once you subscribe for two years.


We found in our NordVPN review that NordVPN is feature-rich and offers robust security features with an edge over its competitors in the price factor. It could offer slightly better connection speeds and also custom pricing based on what all features are chosen by a specific user.

After the recent crackdown by Netflix on VPNs, NordVPN has still been able to come up with solutions to make it work as well as with many other geographically restricted channels. All these factors easily make NordVPN the #1 anonymous VPN on the market today.


3. PureVPN – Best VPN For Torrenting



Pure VPN is a service by a Hong Kong based company. It’s been on the market for almost 10 years now. And it’s one of the most affordable and best VPNs for torrenting available today. With its high speed, many users who are already frustrated with their poor internet connection can be assured that their speeds won’t take a major hit, and will unlock a lot of content too.

PureVPN is a top-grade VPN service that offers 2000+ servers spread across 140 countries, robust data protection with AES 256 bit military grade encryption, zero logging policy, 24/7 live tech support, and striking features, all bundled together in affordable pricing plans. PureVPN operates from Hong Kong, a privacy-friendly region, and has been providing it’s VPN service to Netizens since 2006. Let’s review PureVPN in details now.


Armed with the knowledge of why you might want a VPN in the first place, let’s move to the specific features that PureVPN has to offer.

  • Fast and Safe VPN service

PureVPN has its own private network made of Gigabit cables on more than 2000+ servers. When you’re connected with PureVPN, your ISP has no knowledge of what you are doing. And it can’t restrict your use of the connection (downloads, movies streaming, etc.).

  • Kill Switch

This is a must for people who prioritize safety and privacy when they use the internet. In practice, when an internet connection is interrupted, it’s possible to identify your IP address. However, this feature ensures that it is not the case, all data flowing towards the open internet are blocked. At least until the VPN connection with PureVPN is back. That way, it avoids your IP from being traced during the disconnection.

  • Split Tunneling

PureVPN offers the Split Tunneling feature which allows you to decide which activities will pass through the VPN from the same internet connection.

  • NAT Firewall

If you don’t have a Firewall or an antivirus, the VPN can protect your devices.

  • Stealth VPN Browser

An external browser, always secure, which saves your surfing data.

  • Dedicated IP

An option to keep the same IP address, everywhere you go.

  • HDX Streaming

High-speed connection to watch streaming movies via UK or USA servers (Hulu, BBC iPlayer, HBO GO, etc.).

Pros / Cons


  • Smart DNS Included
  • 5 Simultaneous Connections
  • Lots Of Features
  • Can Use To Stream Netflix etc.
  • 20 Mbps Boost


  • They Keep Extensive Logs
  • Performed Slower On Test
  • Only A 3 Day Refund Guarantee


Pricing / Packages

PureVPN’s monthly costs decrease when you decide to get a subscription for a more extended period of time. For example, a monthly subscription costs $10.95, but you only have to pay $8.95 per month when signing off on a contract for 6 months. The cheapest option is a subscription for two years. In this case, you pay $3.54 per month.

For each subscription, you have to pay the amount in advance and in full; this means $53.70 for a subscription of half a year, and merely $78 when signing off on a two-year subscription. Payment can be made using a credit card, PayPal or direct bank wire transfer by using the trusted iDEAL method.

Each contract allows you to cancel the subscription within seven days and receive a full refund. And in addition, you also receive full access to all of PureVPN’s servers and facilities, no matter what subscription you ultimately decided to purchase.


PureVPN has been active for almost ten years as a VPN provider and has built an extensive network of fast VPN servers that are fully managed by the company itself. This is why PureVPN can truly fulfill the promise of safety and anonymous browsing. Although downloads are usually slowed by VPN services, PureVPN significantly increases your download speeds.

One disadvantage is the monthly subscription’ price of 10.95, but when you sign off on a contract for two years, this price drops to a low $3.54. Contrary to other VPN providers with similar low costs, PureVPN does not have any bandwidth restrictions.

With PureVPN, you can thus stream all the movies or series you’d like for only a few euros per month. And considering a large number of additional features, our PureVPN Review proves that PureVPN is genuinely the best VPN for torrenting for a broad audience.


4. Hide My Ass – Top VPN Website Unblocker

Hide My Ass


HideMyAss is the top VPN website unblocker provider which based in the United Kingdom. One great benefit offered by this provider is the ability to simultaneously connect to the service from two Internet devices. HideMyAss provides around 880+ servers in about 190 different countries around the world, so it really is one of the top providers currently on the market.

The number of server locations provides customers with potentially more than 120,000 different IP addresses to mask their identity. It’s easy to change protocols using the service switching between LLTP, LT2P and OpenVPN protocols are available, depending on the device used. HideMyAss does not restrict customer bandwidth use in any way and offers a number of free services which can be useful.


The VPN software is actually pretty user-friendly, and you’ll have no problems setting it up as is also packed with tons of features. Here are some of the most important ones:

  • Speed Guide

It’s true that HideMyAss runs a great number of servers, but it’s hard always to pick the fastest one. This HideMyAss review will help you to figure out how these servers work, but you will also need to use the Speed Guide provided by the company.

The Speed Guide is a feature that will instantly check the entire download and upload speeds alongside with the response time of all available servers. You will immediately receive a list of all the fastest servers alongside with their location.

  • IP Address Change Scheduling

In order to achieve complete anonymity, you’ll benefit from changing your IP address now and then. It’s easy to forget about this, so using HMA’s planner tool for this purpose looks like the perfect solution. This means that Hide My Ass will automatically change your IP address based on predetermined intervals.

  • SecureIP Bind

You can use the SecureIP Bind feature in other situations as well. It’s an option that comes in handy when you leave your BitTorrent unattended. The SecureIP will not allow any application to connect to the internet while you’re not connected to a VPN server. This prevents public exposure of your real IP address.

  • Easy Server Selection

Hide My Ass wants to prove that they have the most reliable servers on the web and they will take every possible opportunity to showcase this. That’s why ALL of their servers are listed and sorted by the protocol they use, download & upload speed and their geographical location.

  • Load Balancing

You’re not the only one that uses a specific server at HideMyAss. Sometimes servers can get too crowded, so the download/upload speed will get slower. To avoid this use the Load Balancing feature and you will be redirected to a similar server that’s not jammed.

Pros / Cons


  • The VPN software is straightforward to use and setup.
  • Unlimited server switching.
  • There are no limitations on the amount of bandwidth.
  • A huge network of servers.
  • Not so pricey.
  • Money back guarantee exists.
  • The speed of the servers is astonishing.


  • A low number of offshore servers.
  • Server networks are mostly located in the US.
  • Only 128bit encryption is available.


Pricing / Packages

As we can see that there is a fluctuation in the prices with respect to the duration of the plan’s subscription. Like if we subscribe to a month to month plan, then it will cost us more at $9.99/month, but the annual plan is quite cheap and reasonable to pay $6.55/month while the one in the middle is fairly average for the both $8.33/month.

HideMyAss pricing stands pretty much near to the market average, but it does not seem as reasonable as some VPN providers offer.


As seen in my HideMyAss review, it is arguably one of the most prominent VPN service providers in the world. It is one of the biggest VPN providers with an easy to use the application and website.

They also now have monthly plans for this service and help the individuals protect their online activities safely. They offer more features privacy features and lack advanced features in this service. It is based in the UK and bad track record for keeping files private, now this what the company has to overcome with their VPN service.

They hope to correct these issues in the present review and provide a better service in the future.


5. TunnelBear – Easy VPN Service



Tunnel Bear is a VPN provider with a very reasonable and professional VPN service focusing on an easy VPN experience for those who know very little about them. They have implemented some more advanced functions in this regard to help people use the service for their specific needs.

On the whole, TunnelBear offers a valuable service in an amusing and attractive manner to the users of its apps like TunnelBear VPN. TunnelBear VPN is merely an app that helps in unblocking websites and browsing privately. The TunnelBear VPN review provided in this write up will help you in understanding it more precisely.


TunnelBear is a relatively simple service compared to other VPNs and offers few, but very effective and useful features, outlined below.

  • Vigilant Mode

To ensure users’ safety, this feature automatically blocks all unsecured traffic if the VPN’s connection is disrupted. The block is removed once the connection is restored and the user can browse safely.

  • Closest Tunnel

This feature allows you to connect to the tunnel that is closest to you. It is an excellent feature if you just want to ensure your privacy and don’t care what country you are connected to. The closest tunnel feature also provides faster speeds.

  • Always On

If you use a VPN for privacy reasons, enabling this feature will launch TunnelBear automatically when you turn your computer on. If you restart your computer, the VPN will also automatically reconnect so that you’re always surfing privately and securely.

  • Multiple Devices

TunnelBear works on mobile phones and desktop, and users can secure up to five devices with one account.

  • Privacy and Security

The whole point of a VPN is to access location-restricted content and to protect your privacy when browsing online. To ensure that users’ activities are private and secure at all times, TunnelBear does not log or save any user activity at any time, a point which is emphasized on its site as well as its privacy policy.

Also, the VPN itself uses AES 256-bit encryption by default at all times for safe browsing and network activity without compromising speeds.

Pros / Cons


  • Doesn’t log IP addresses of the customers
  • Doesn’t log connection timestamps
  • Supports “Kill Switch” for extra safety
  • Supports OpenVPN
  • A reasonable number of simultaneous connections (5 connections)
  • Pricing is very reasonable ($4.99/mo)
  • Has a free trial
  • Bitcoin payments accepted


  • Logs bandwidth data
  • Doesn’t have own DNS servers
  • P2P/Torrent traffic is not allowed
  • SMTP connections are not allowed


Pricing / Packages

There are two plans offered: The first is called the Giant, and is $6.99/mo. The other plan is called the Grizzly and is $59.88 annually. That calculates to ar monthly cost of $4.99/mo. They do have a tiny 500mb free account, but you can’t do much with it.


Thus after going through the TunnelBear review provided in this write up it can be concluded easily that TunnelBear offers a great and high-speed VPN service. Customers are served through a number of VPN servers making it possible to download TV programs and music of their choice. Plus it can be used on different types of devices owing to its compatibility with different operating systems making it an easy VPN service.

Why Are Those VPN Providers The Best VPN For Canadians?

When it comes to government surveillance of online activities in North America, many people think of the US. However, Canada also has an overreaching intelligence agency, legislation used for notorious purposes, and a government that monitors its citizens’ digital lives.

With so much at stake regarding privacy, it is essential for Canadian citizens and visitors of the country to secure their devices with a VPN. We’d go so far as to say that a VPN service is essential for anybody in Canada who wants true digital privacy!

We believe that privacy is a fundamental human right. The Canadian government has taken this right away from its citizens in the name of national security. We put together this list of the best VPNs in Canada back in 2017 for the benefit of everyone.

The above VPNs have been carefully selected as being the best VPN for Canadians. We’ve looked carefully at their offerings, and have assigned a rating based on some essential criteria. All these vendors are excellent, but you may find you prefer one over another because of features, privacy capabilities, or price.

In preparing this article, we cataloged the capabilities from each provider and awarded a rating on a 1-5 scale. We awarded extra points based on features they provide (with points for each feature). We awarded extra points based on the number of simultaneous sessions allowed, and the number of protocols (beyond OpenVPN) supported. We also awarded points for price. Some services are more than twice the price of the services of other vendors. Less expensive vendors were rated higher than more costly vendors.

Finally, we awarded extra points for money-back guarantees. Those that offered short trial periods (or no refunds at all) got fewer points than those with generous 30-day money-back guarantees.

Why Should I Avoid Free VPN Service?

VPNs are great tools for helping secure your internet access on an unsecured Wi-Fi network, such as those at McDonald’s, but did you know that not all VPNs are created equally? Depending on the VPN that you choose to use, your information may not be as secure as you think it is. Not all VPNs are as reliable as others, and this is especially the case with free VPN services.

Why? Because free VPN services have to pay for their servers somehow, and this typically means tracking information about your web browsing activity to sell to third parties, whether anonymous or not. Many free VPN providers claim to shelter you from snoopers, only to turn around and snoop on you themselves.

By using a free VPN that you haven’t carefully read the terms and conditions of, you might be putting your privacy at more of a risk than it would have been just using the unsecured Wi-Fi network to browse the web in the first place.

The kinds of things that a free VPN service might take note of in their little history books are:

  • Your IP address with timestamps
  • How long you’re using the service
  • The types of websites and services you’re accessing

Sounds a little scary, right? That’s all the information you wish was secured from third parties, but often isn’t, even with a free VPN to hide behind. The big picture here is things aren’t always as they seem to be.

Although a company may advertise immunity from being snooped on, they may be the ones doing most of the snooping in the end, so you should always be wary about what VPN you choose to trust and read the terms and conditions before toggling on that VPN service and allowing your web traffic to pass through it.

VPN Canada Servers, Which One Is The Fastest VPN?

Traveling in the 25 countries where which Private Internet Access’s VPN servers operate just got a lot more secure because you can connect and surf anonymously using the service. PIA is about as cheap but is the fastest VPN among the other VPNs listed in this review.

It is advertised as the ‘world’s fastest VPN’ because it has a clean and simple client that will connect you to the fastest available server by default, and which shows a traffic and speed graph so you can get an idea of how your connection is performing at a glance. You can also connect to your choice of geographical endpoint location and save favorite endpoints.

Fast speeds with the bonus of privacy and anonymity make PIA an excellent choice for heavy torrent users. There’s a reason why PIA is one of our fastest VPNs for torrenting, after all. Sometimes you will want to connect to a US server and other times you will want to connect to a foreign server that is nearest to where you are located to achieve faster connections.

When it comes to speed and overall performance, Private Internet Access stands out among VPN providers. The company provides the fastest speeds available to their users, though speed largely depends on the server location and protocol used.

Despite being based in the USA, the company keeps no user logs and only shares user data under a court order. As for the protocols, Private Internet Access uses OpenVPN, L2TP/IPSec, and PPTP. Even though their main protocol is OpenVPN, the provider offers a wide range of protocols and encryption strengths to suit the needs of all their users.

This means users have the option of choosing between the fastest connections available with the lowest security levels or highest security connections with somewhat decreased speed. With our full confidence and trust, we highly recommended Private Internet Access as the cheapest, the best and at the same time the fastest among the other VPNs we have had enlisted in here.

Why Should I Need a VPN?

  • Hide your IP address.
  • Unblock content from a defined region (ie: Netflix, Hulu, BBC iPlayer, etc..)
  • Download safely on P2P & Torrent network.
  • Encrypt your network usage, prevent your ISP from spying you.
  • Protect your data from being stolen via public wifi networks.


Why Should I Trust Your Top Lists?

There are many others VPN review sites on the web so why I should trust yours? In fact, many VPN review sites rank their VPN providers as a marketing strategy.. so the one that is offering the best % commissions are listed as #1, and so on…

On Best VPN Canada, all our VPN providers have been selected based on their merits like:

  • Quality of customer’s service and their technical support
  • Security and stability of their services
  • Features and prices
  • Many others personal criteria

Our reviewers have tested every VPN software to provide you a detailed review for each of the VPN services above.